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  1. Hey Kevin, great shots--especially when using a system for the first time! I'd love to talk to you more about your images and working on an article together. Can you send me a private message? Thanks!
  2. Thanks all! Adam--from what I hear they are off the UK coast too, now! I went with Pelagic Expeditions. Co-run by uw videographer Joe Romeiro. Definitely worth the trip!
  3. There's a really good documentary on Netflix about this "sharks of the mediterranean". They find all sorts of cool stuff: Blue sharks, razorbacks, tuna, etc. Good videography too!
  4. Is there a way to back this up though? The tablet seems like a good back up in addition to a laptop--it's probably more durable than an external drive.
  5. Took a few jaunts from NYC up to Rhode Island to do some blue shark/mako diving. Amazing as usual! Best part was the chance to shoot at golden hour and sunset. Few of my favorites:
  6. Very fascinating!! It is hard to communicate how small these things are-- i compared them to the size of the tip of a pencil (although carpenter ant makes more sense given the shape). Thanks for the input y'all. It is one of those critters that can only be found if you spend an entire 70 minute dive on one single sponge:)
  7. Awesome stuff....love the Wide angle! How cold are we talking there? Best, Joe
  8. I find Galapagos sharks very handsome specimens. They have that sleek look of the reef sharks but a slightly more stocky build. 300 million years of evolution and maybe Ill be as sexy. Best, Joe
  9. very nice! I just got back from Bali in June and did Lembogan, Tulamben, Puri Jati, and Pemuteran. I would have to say that the Tulamben region and specifically the Liberty wreck were amongst the highlights of the trip. What company did you dive with?? Best, Joe
  10. First off, welcome to the underwater photo community! Would you mind telling what system you are using?? Love the two seahorses. Best, Joe
  11. Nice layout...I think smugmug gives you a great bang for your buck!
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