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    Looking at purchasing an underwater SLR setup
  1. Hi, I am just getting to grips with my Canon 7D and Inon Z240 strobe but the light doesn't seem very bright. I have played around with the strobe which seems to be working fine, but am wondering if my Canon settings are not right. Is anybody able to help please with the settings of my camera. Thanks.
  2. Hello everybody, For some reason, not quite known to myself, I enrolled on the Scotland Coast to Coast, which is due to take place on 17/18 September. The Scotland Coast to Coast is a 106 mile journey across Scotland in two days. This entails a lot of running, biking and kayaking. It will start in Nairn and finish in Glencoe. This is the first time I have done something like this and quite frankly I am terrified, especially now that my two friends are no longer taking part . However, I am going to be brave! I have set up a sponsorship site and all monies will go to PADI's Project AWARE which is an ocean conservation project, and I would like ask you all if you would like to sponsor me. If you would like to the link is: www.justgiving.com/Emma-Setterfield All donations will be greatfully received and I will post an update on this page to let you all know how I get on. Thanking you in advance.
  3. HI Stewart, I have both Photoshop and Lightroom, but have only just got them so still learning. I have just finished putting my photos into Lightroom so will take a look at the printing options. Will let you know how it goes From M
  4. Having not actually printed off any of my underwater photographs until now, I did not have any idea how different they would come out on the printer compared to on the screen. And I must say, I was really disappointed. The print seemed to come out quite dark, but lost the feeling that it was underwater. I have calibrated my monitor with a Huey, however I believe I should be looking at ICC files. I have an HP Photosmart C8100, and having looked does't seem to have anywhere that the ICC file can be changed. I am still looking into what these files are meant to do and how to use them, but in the meantime if anybody can advise how to improve the printing to be more in line with what's on the monitor, or suggest a better printer it would be appreciated. I have attached the photo to give you an idea of what I am trying to print. Thanks.
  5. I like no 6 best, I would also look at splitting the picture onto two two canvas', but that's my personal opinion because I really like that kind of affect. Would also go with 3, 9 and 1.
  6. Your photo is awesome and congratulations, what a lovely surprise.
  7. Thanks guys for your views. I probably have an equal amount of cards both SD and compact flash so will check out both cameras. It's all exciting stuff
  8. Hi, As some of you are already aware I am looking at the Canon 60D and 7D and one of the things that I have noticed is that the 60D now uses the SD card rather than compact flash. One of the main reasons of leaning towards the 60D was the memory card being SD, but not sure if this is the best option. I have always been happy with the compact flash in my 20D. As the 20D was a good camera at the time I am a bit worried that the 60D would not be as big a jump as the 7D, and even though my photos don't deserve a professional camera at present because of the total outlay I would like something that I can grow with. Happy to hear anybody's thoughts regarding the two types of memory.
  9. Thanks everybody for all your thoughts and advice it is appreciated. I must admit I am leaning more towards the 60D and am looking forward to going to see one. With regard to the topside photography, I do dabble in that quite a bit and am present using a Canon 20D so I am assuming that the 60D will exceed the 20D in many ways and I will be happy with my purchase. So decision nearly made with regard to camera, I know what housing and strobe I will be getting, now I need to look at strobe arms. No idea to where to start there Thanks again.
  10. Hi Alex, Thanks very much for your advice it is appreciated. I will most likely get the fisheye but that will have to wait until I have bought the camera, housing etc. I haven't actually seen a 7D or a 60D in the flesh yet so am interested to see how each feels to handle. Must admit though, it's all very exciting. Will be in touch once I have made my mind up regarding the purchase of the Nauticam and associated ports etc.
  11. The Nauticam housing is one of the things that I have made my mind up on, as I saw one last week and really liked it. Trouble is they make one for the 60D and 7D so that doesn't help with which camera to go for
  12. After taking an underwater photography course recently I have decided to take the plunge and purchase a dSLR setup. I already own a Canon 20D with the 100mm macro lens and 10-22mm lens, but would like to upgrade before purchasing a housing. I have been looking at the Canon 60D and 7D, but after some deliberation still can't make up my mind. There isn't much between the two regarding the cost, but the 60D is 12 months newer and has some of the 7D technology. Both cameras support the EF-S lenses so will be suitable for the 10-22mm that I already own. Is anybody able to offer any advice on which one would be best. I am new to WetPixel so looking forward to hearing from you.
  13. Hi, I have been dabbling in underwater photography for a couple of years with a compact and after attending a photography course have decided to take it more seriously and move to an SLR. Which has opened up a whole new world of kit, accessories, techniques etc. A daunting prospect. However, I was advised to join Webpixel as a way to help with the transition process and to hopefully learn some techniques and pick up some useful information. Looking forward to being a part of Webpixel.
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