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  1. I already asked Ikelite how tight it should be, but they just said "firmly tighten" which is not that useful. Great idea about marking the housing and port with paint. I might do the same with the wide angle lens too, so as to know what position to put it to start screwing it into the thread. Cheers Elena
  2. Hello again, just wanted to let you all know how everything went. I contacted Ikelite by email, and was told that I could tighten the port by hand and it should not come lose during normal operation (including using external lenses). But as it had already happened once and I wasnt very confident of doing it by myself, I decided to send it to them so it could be done properly. The housing arrived to the US yesterday, and today I received an email from Ikelite saying that they had cleaned, lubricated, and tightened the port, and that it shouldn't have come lose during normal operation as it had (though it is designed to come off if needed). They reckon it might not have been tightened enough when it was manufactured, so they have offered to pay for the replacement camera! Seems Ikelite support is legendary indeed! They have managed to restore my faith in my kit and have got themselves a loyal customer here Thanks everybody for your advise, I'm very glad I asked in this forum! Cheers Elena
  3. Hi Xanderwater and leepix, thanks for your replies. I don't really understand how it happened either, I imagine I must have screwed the lens in too tight and when unscrewing it the port got a bit loosened as well. It was quite a stressful dive with unexpected currents, and I didn't even have a chance to take photos (only one at the beginning), so I only noticed the flooding when we climbed back on the boat. Dive was only 14 minutes. I was wearing thick gloves at the time, but I thought I was gentle when screwing the lens to the camera. Certainly the front threat of the port, where the lens screws in, does not look damaged or anything. How is the lens port normally attached to the housing, is it meant to be glued to it in addition to screwed in? Because if it's only screwed in I'm sure this would tend to happen all the time, when using external lenses? As the flooding happened in such a strange way and I couldn't find anything in the manual about the lens port coming off I thought it might be covered by the warranty (all my kit is less than a year old), but the people I bought it from (uw-fotopartner.com) said that "the port would not have come off by itself, only if I'd screw it off", and that therefore the warranty doesn't cover this. I agree it's probably better if I dont try to fix it myself, as it would likely happen again. I have written an email to Ikelite, will let you know what they say when they reply. Thanks again! Elena
  4. Hi everybody, I'm new to UW photography and I'm having an issue with an Ikelite housing. I'm hoping somebody in the forum might be able to help. Recently I purchased a wide angle lens for my housing, and the first time I used it underwater the lens port of the housing came unscrewed and I lost my camera to flooding. I'm very worried of it happening again, because the lens port is either not designed very well, or maybe I just dont understand how it works. It appears to be screwed on top of an o-ring. The o-ring sits directly between the port and the body of the housing, getting pressure from the top and bottom (not a piston design). My issues with it: 1) I have no way of knowing how far in I should screw the port lens back on. I'm afraid of screwing it too far in and over-threading and damaging the plastic, or too little and risk it flooding again. The thread does not have any lock or other system of stopping, and there are no markings to let me know when it is properly tightened. 2) I'm afraid that every time I use an external lens and try to unscrew it underwater I might accidentally unscrew the lens port too. The system seems very risky... The manual of my housing does not say anything about the lens port coming off at all, so no help there with any of this. Please, can somebody offer any advise? Has anyone also experienced this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Elena
  5. Hello all, I'm an UK diver, been interested in photography for a while and finally bought my first UW camera system (S95 with Ikelite housing) less than a year ago. Unfortunately I just had an issue with it and lost a camera to flooding... Now I'm feeling a bit scared of it happening again, and a friend recommended I join this forum to get some help! Cheers Elena
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