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  1. The item has been sold SleepingBear, I thought I had answered your pm, but I just checked and apparently it never sent to you. Sorry. Thank you for your interest though.
  2. I bought this rig while living in the Commonwealth of Dominica (southern Caribbean). At the time i was about to complete a Divemaster internship, and wanted a better camera. I couldn't afford to house my dslr so I started to look for the best point and shoot type setup that I could find. A lot of research pointed to the G9, but I didn't want the plastic Ikelite housing, so I sprung for the Patima. After I finally got the rig to the island I got to use it one time while tagging along on a discover scuba dive. I took several good pics and a couple good videos with it, even though the dive was only in 8-12 ft of water. The G9 itself has been used on land in Dominca and in the US and we absolutely love it. I will truly miss using it. Shortly after that dive, we found out we were having twins! Life got crazy, we moved back to the states for my wifes career, and those twins are now 2 years old. The rig still hasn't been used and is sitting in a closet. Tried to sell it once with no luck, and then the other day I remembered Wetpixel. We are at a point where we need this money to survive and to buy our family the things we need. We paid a almost $2700 for all of it. I am going to ask $1000 or best offer. I welcome all offers because like I said we need this badly right now. This will make someone one hell of a camera for a fraction of what it should cost. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. Like I said, make an offer, you never know...... I will list everything that it comes with.... Canon G9 camera with two batteries, wall charger, and a Sandisk 4GB Ultra2 SDHC card. Also has a soft carrying case for land use. Patima PDCH-G9 Aluminum housing. Regular port and Wide angle port. Sea & Sea YS110 Strobe. Tray with rubber grip handle. Two arms and three connectors. Cable for strobe. Two sets of Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries (came highly recomended by the shop I bought from, supposedly have a great charge life.) There is an instuction booklet for the housing and a spare o-ring kit, as well as the instuction booklet for the strobe. Pelican 1600 Series hard case with front and side latches. I will upload a picture here, and I will leave this link to a public album on my Facebook page. This album can be viewed by anyone, you don't have to be a Facebook member. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2...3287&type=1 Thank you for your interest! Andrew
  3. Hi All, Names Andrew. Just stopped in to introduce myself. 28 years old, live in Illinois. Spent two years living in The Commonwealth of Dominica. (southern Caribbean). While there I did a Divemaster internship at Cabrits Dive Centre. During the last little bit there, I decided to upgrade my crappy camera and get a good one. Seeing that I couldn't afford to house my Rebel XTI, I started to look for the best point and shoot setup I could find. I bought the Canon G9 with the Patima housing and the YS110 strobe. All in all I spent a little over $2500 for the whole package including an awesome Pelican 1600 to hold it all. Got back to Dominica, used it once when tagging along on a Discover scuba dive in about 8 ft of water. Took a couple videos and some awesome photos. After that I found out my wife was pregnant so life got crazy and I never got to get it wet again. The G9 was used on land while in Dominica and also after returning to the US. It is an amazing camera and I will be sad to see it go, but I have to sell it all. I have followed this website quite a bit for tips and also used it to make my decision on the G9. Figured I would list it on here and see what happens. I will make a post over in the classifieds. Glad to finally join, but sad to be selling my camera. Maybe someday soon I will get wet again. That pregnancy led to twin boys that are now two years old. Haven't been diving since before they were born, but it's been the best two years of my life! I can't wait to share the underwater experience with them someday. They are already little fish! Untill then, I need the money to buy them the things they need. Thanks for listening to my story :-) Peace and Love
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