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  1. Oh thanks very much! I'm preparing a substantial update to that post – it was spiralling out of control a bit, so I'm doing separate macro settings / wide angle settings posts, then will update the actual review itself. Feel free to shoot me any questions directly in the interim (simonjpierce@gmail.com). With regards to to the Stx floats, I'm using 8 in total at the moment. It's still slightly negative overall, but I don't notice it. I want a couple of longer 12 inch arms for big fish schools etc, so I'm picking up a pair of Ultralight float arms next week while I'm on a quick trip to the UK too. One caveat with the optical cords – I did have one very friendly mola on Nusa Penida that swam right up to me while I was firing madly. Reviewing the shots later, I realised the strobes had fallen out of sync after a few shots, which was quite frustrating! Same batteries + power settings on the strobes etc. Not an issue I've run into again, but I'm keeping an eye on it. Might be that I use the electrical sync cords when I'm expecting fast action if that happens in the future. Best, Simon.
  2. Just to add to this: I've just been muck diving for several days with YS-D2s and the Sony flash trigger on an A7rIII, using the Nauticam optical cables. Had no problems with them at all – they worked just as well as the sync cords I'd been using previously. Best, Simon.
  3. Hi James, Apologies for the delay! I can't work out how to upload pics here, so I'm sending some raw files over to you via email so you can check them out for yourself. All the recent wide angle shots on my Instagram account have been taken using the Sony A7rIII / Metabones V + Canon 8-15 mm combination. https://www.instagram.com/simonjpierce/ I've been really happy with the system overall, which is fortunate, as it cost ALL the monies... Very best, Simon
  4. Have you tried using DMF focus mode? You can usually get the focus plane pretty close using back-button AF, then move the camera back-and-forward with the focus peaking enabled to get exact focus.
  5. Hi Jemery, I'm using the Canon 8-15 mm on a Sony A7rIII via a Metabones V. It works well – continuous lock-on autofocus etc is fine. I haven't had any significant issues (I've been using it routinely since September 2018). Here are some example photos: https://www.simonjpierce.com/sony-a7riii-underwater-review/ Note that I'm just updating this post now, but at least you can see the photos. Let me know if you need a closer look at things, I can always send through a few pics. I've been really happy with it, although the Metabones + port adapter adds a lot of bulk / expense to the system. I'd look at the 140 mm done rather than the 100 mm I've got, too, although corners are generally okay when stopped down to f/10 or more. Best, Simon.
  6. I'm using the Canon 8-15 mm on a Sony A7rIII via a Metabones V. Works well. Just a note, though: the 100 mm (Sony) to 120 mm (Canon) port adapter, plus the Metabones, adds a fair amount of weight, bulk and expense. Potentially something to factor into your decision-making.
  7. Hi all, I just wanted to check whether anyone has been able to successfully achieve 1/250 sec flash sync with a Sony A7rIII. I'm getting a black bar on the top of the picture at 1/250 sec using both fibre optic and electrical sync cords (both work fine at 1/200 sec) with YS-D2 strobes. It looks like it was possible with the A7rII? http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/best-settings-for-sony-a7rii-underwater Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
  8. The Sony 90 mm macro is indeed quite slow to focus in low light, but it's not too much of a hindrance in practice. I use DMF autofocus mode with back-button focus for macro in those conditions. Autofocus will typically get you close to the correct focus plane, then you can rock the camera back and forward and use focus peaking to ensure the eyes (or other features) of your subject are sharp. I have an A7rIII, and I'd certainly agree with the comments above about optimising the port for the lens you'll be using. You'll have far less depth of field than with a smaller-sensor camera (I previously had m4/3), and the high resolution makes this rather obvious. I have to stop down to f/10 or more to get anywhere near acceptable corners with my 100 mm Zen port and Canon 8-15 mm lens. I love the 42 mp (except the hours it can take to ingest images, and the need for an 8TB hard drive), but I'd lean towards the A7III if it'll allow you to get a Nauticam or comparable housing. I have no knowledge of the Seafrogs, but the aluminium housings tend to have improved ergonomics and last a lot longer. I subscribe to the "buy once, cry once" philosophy
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