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  1. Hey! Thanks for posting that! Very helpful! The lights are arranged just like the previous photo you posted, right?
  2. Yeah, Bill is right. Nudibranchs are quite hard to find around here. I've done around 200 dives here and found maybe 2 or 3... it might be because I'm always guiding or teaching... in that case you don't have much time to look hard enough for it. Last time I saw one it was really really tiny and it was on Invisibles sand patch... It was last week, so you can give it a shot.... If you are interested in any other nice creatures such as sea horses and frog fishes, let me know... we know the location for quite a few for now... Enjoy your stay in our island. You'll sure have a great time! It is indeed a paradise for macro photography! Regards, Nathalia
  3. So when you were about to buy them you had decided for the Solas over the VL1300s? Yeah, I saw your review about these too... Thanks for all the information... appreciate it. And also good to know about the filters. Kind regards, Nathalia
  4. Right! I didn't realise that! It's not the same light! I just looked for 'big blue' and that was it. Thanks for warning me... Vl1300 is back on the game then... =D
  5. Thanks again for all the info Peter. Regards, Nathalia
  6. Thanks for the response Peter... I took a look at it... is this beam test accurate? Because it seems that the sola light has smooth edges while the vL1300 has it more abrupt. If thats the case, as I'll start with just one head, the sola has a pro point there. The point is, the VL1300 comes with the filters and its easier to attach to my housing (an equinox). Does these filters make much of a difference? Oh my, I didn't think i'd be so hard to decide... Thanks again for the info.
  7. Hi, I might be escaping a little bit of the subject, but can you tell me wheter you prefer a Sola 1200 or a Big Blue VL 1300? I'm just starting in the uw video world... I might buy only one light to see how it goes and then, depending on the results, buy a second one. Do you think it is worth it to have only one video light? Or if I'm not using two of them it's better not to use any at all? So far, the only difference I've seen between these two video lights is the beam angle... and that the solas are flooding proff. I really appreciate the help. Thanks.
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