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  1. Hi. Need spare bulb to Technisub mini alulight 20.That bulb is very hard to find and Buy (20 watt 6 volt 4G) So anyone nows to find it in EU or near sweden . Thanks Kent
  2. Hi Will this combo be so much better ??? Macro mate flip lens + Canons 60mm macro lens thinking to buy it but would like to hear your opinion.?? Or will I get more out of it if i use Canons 100 mm macro lens??? kent
  3. That sounds great thanks cheers . kent
  4. Hi Have I purchased the wrong lenses TOKINA 11-16 ????under the Sea&Sea system chart ther is no sutiable port combo I am concerned unnecessarily ??????? My housing is sea&sea RDX For canon .As it stand now is really bad after that it costs som money has no greater disire to spend more money for more superficial lens buy. At the momet it looks to be an totally useless if Ican"t use to UWphoto that was supposed to. The lens I talk about is TOKINA 11-16 AT-X 2.8 WIDE ANGEL ZOMM For Canon I Really hope someone can and give a positiv answer regards kent
  5. Hi yea a have but does picture do not tell so mutch I don"t have deep of field problem or other annoying problem it just has bad shapness in any kind of settings on the camera are you using that lens self??? Itry to email some picture later in the week take care kent
  6. Hi you all my questions is do you think Canon EFS 2.8 60 mm is an great lens I thinks is one mediocer lens please share your hint and tips to get sharpness in image becuse a don"t get it. And I have try alot of settings on my camera all from one spot focus- 9spot focus have allso try the tree focus options ONESHOOT -ALFOCUS and ALSERVO The camera has no problem to find focus or focus that is the least problem or so is it simple the lens do not have that qualities to be a good lens for UWPhoto its very annoying and am out of idea to solve the problem I use this settings in my macro shooting not slower an 1/125 aperture 6.5 -11 ISO100 camera mode (M) Camera Canon 550D Inon strobe Z240 greatfull fot hints have a great one kent
  7. Hi don"t no how the hugyfot options are but i guess you can buy an other viewfinder for macro shooting can bee somthing to consider doing if you have troubel too see the hole image but that quite normal for standar viewfinder have the same problem so when the big score come on lotto am just buy my an highclass viewfinder. Problem whit focus??? image not focus not sharp? same here do as i use manual focus then you can select focus spot you want center point i would adwise you too choose kent
  8. Hi dont wory i have some very slight movment from the L-base too and i was worrid if there was somting wrong or had been incorrectly mount on the housing. after test dive witout camera i was happy whit the uwhouse no leaks and since then i have done 15-20 dives and whit out any problems its preformce great. so the small movment you are concern dont worry seems to bee normal. To be sure make a couple of dive whitout camera to be completely safe and dont take out the base and port too often let it sit on the house .A good tip is too bring out the base and port every 10-15 dive more or less for inspection of o-rings port base so everyting is okey lubricateo-rings and put the gears together and be happy and go diving . Hope this help regards kent
  9. I am happy now works damm better thank you for all help cheers kent
  10. Hi Bill well think you missunderstand me . ICan not get TLL whit fiber optic cabel am using that kind of cabel so i get STT if whant real TLL I must use synk cord cabel But question still is should Ipush down the knob or have it up to avoid the cameras pre-flash out put if now Canon 550D is an pre-flash camera
  11. Hi you. need som help whit is issue How do i set advanced cancel cricuit knob to be down or up i use an Canon550D and InonZ240 strobe allso using an fiber optic cabel
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