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  1. For sale, two nice Inon S2000 underwater flashes with optical D cable Type L. They have never been in the water, and are as new. They have been unused in a drawer for three years. I have bought them in a package with a whole system but I have no need for them. I do prefer to sell them together. They have extra O-rings, manuals and accessories. €600 or US$ 840 + shipping (from the Netherlands)
  2. Hi there, For what has felt like for ages I have wanted to do underwater photography but not untill 2 years ago I was in the position to do so. But soon after I had bought my first underwater camera I could make a living by selling pictures to tourist divers in Costa Rica. I had such a good time. The learning curve was pretty steep but I soaked up all I could learn from then on and I am still learning with great joy. That's why I appreciate wetpixel so much; I could learn from others with whom I share this passion for underwater photography. Greetings, Arne Lanting The Netherlands
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