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  1. Thanks for that info, I will forward this to my buddy. Cheers Ab
  2. I just bought a equinox hd 6 housing and want to transpland my video lights to the new housing. I have the bigblue 2x30 vl lights. I was wondering where would I mount the battery packs on my housing. Has anybody done this before or has a picture how they did this. I have some ideas but before I get creative maybe one of you already done this. Thanks
  3. I have been diving with the 2x30vl for a while now and liked them. I looked at the vl1300 and in my oppinion having the battery in the light makes it harder to posion your light and you gonna have diviculty to keep them in the position you want. A buddy of mine has the light and motion 1200 solar lights. eventhough they are nice he constantly has to tightening his ball mounts. Even underwater they sometimes get so loose that they swing arround. P.S. check out some of the videos I shot on Vimeo with the vl 2x30 http://vimeo.com/scubaab
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