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  1. I'm having serious cravings for a DSLR-system, and am constantly loosing sleep over which system to pick. Since the budget is limited, it has to be some of the entry level systems. While I was trying out a D70 in the photo store yesterday, I asked the salesman about compability between the old Nikon TTL and the new iTTL. According to what he had been told, it works but only in a smaller range of firing times. Could anyone here confirm this? I would be a nice upgrade path for me, since I could keep using my S&S YS90 for the D70 until there's some good iTTL-compatible UW-strobes on the market (and my bank account will have some time to catch up). PS. I guess it should have been in the strobe and lightning forum, but I can't find a way to move it. Sorry!
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