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  1. Someone I know has just posted a link on FB for a print shop that I think is based in the UK. It appears they are selling prints and have a search engine on the site to look for suitable pictures. A sample search of "Nudibranch" brings up quite a few known photos including a few by David Doubilet as well as others. They seem to think that they have somehow devolved themselves from any copyright breaches due to some half arsed statement on their site. I've attached a screenshot of this statement. So as the law stands are they taking the piss or have they found some loophole around current UK copyright law enabling them to make money from others work? BTW the site is called wallpart.com
  2. I have the Flare version and it is a great light - also got it from Alex. You do need a spare battery though if you are multiple diving.
  3. Thanks for all the comments folks. I will speak to the local rep about getting the buttons replaced, in the meantime I'll try flushing it all out. As for the Wd-40 - there aren't any O-rings in that part so it may be ok, as long as I am conservative with what I use. Will give it a try.
  4. I've just recently returned from the UWMP 3 event held at Crystal Blue Resort in Anilao. Had a fantastic time with some great people hunting for all the critters Anilao has to offer. I'd spent a fair bit of time checking tunicates during the trip, looking for the little green shrimps that inhabit some of them. Luckily on my final dive of the trip I found one. I knew I had one chance at the shot as these buggers tend to disappear with any disturbance. I set the strobes to the side pointing inwards to try and get a glow inside the tunicate and luckily it came out half decent. The shrimp did indeed disappear never to be seen again. Quite happy that this was my final shot of the whole trip.
  5. Not sure if anyone else has had this issue. The red safety lock buttons are becoming increasingly difficult to press in when I am opening my housing. Its a NAD7100 housing and I'm getting worried that my camera will one day become trapped inside. So just wondering what might be a good solution to ease the buttons up a bit. Would soaking the entire housing in salt away be a good idea? Or is there some sort of lubricant that might help free up the buttons movement. As always any advice is greatly appreciated.
  6. I've had my Nauticam housing for my D7100 coming up to 2 years now. To be honest I can't fault it. I've never had any issues with it, easy to use, easy to maintain. It even has a useful button for flipping up the on camera flash if you forget to pop it up whilst assembling (I had a friend who had the housing for 2 years before he realised this).
  7. Well all credit to the folks at Nauticam, they are replacing both float arms for me.
  8. I wondered if anyone might be able to help. I have a set of the Nauticam Carbon fibre float arms and one of them appears to have taken on water. I can hear it sloshing around inside and obviously this is affecting the buoyancy of my rig. I had a look at if there was a way to open it to check the seals but the screws and each end appear to be in pretty firmly and I didn't want to go to town on it in case I snapped something. So has anyone else had this issue, and if so how did you resolve it.
  9. I still have my UFL-2s and they are still going strong after 4+ years. I now use them with my Nikon D7100 and have never felt the need to change . Most of my work is Macro and so the zoom function is great - but yes more battery strength would be nice.
  10. I saw someone post this recently on Facebook, someone appears to be making a nice little collection of other folks images - also appears copyright info etc is being removed. I'm sure a few of our members may recognise a few shots. Not really sure what we can do about it though. http://igviewer.com/luv_scuba
  11. You could always try something a bit different - how about Socotra Island. It lies between Yemen and Somalia, stunning scenery and pretty much virgin diving. They do flights there from Dubai now, or you could fly into Yemen and then get a connecting flight. Planning on going once the Monsoon is over in September/October.
  12. The new camera and lenses arrived today, the 105mm is a bit fat.......but she is pretty
  13. Good point about the 60mm and need for the TC. Will be interesting to see what the in camera 1.3 crop does with the 105mm when married with my Subsees. If I can put the 1.4 kenko on as well then I should be able to get some good Macro. We have some very small Nudis in the UAE.
  14. Thanks. What I wanted to know as it doesn't seem to be covered in the system chart was what combination would I need to use the TC with my 105mm or 60mm?
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