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  1. Hi, What to do with your dome you can't resell because of rather severe scratches. Well hang it to the ceiling. This way you'll think of all the great dives you did everytime you look up. I sed the extension ring as the mounting device. Drilled two holes to get a stick of metal and the kind of hook-screw to apply to mount it. video from the result https://youtu.be/rEUaQ9l0eHM
  2. OK so far it looks like the more popular option is the Dyron Super Wide Angle I'm also interested in Fish eye. The only interesting option i found is this one UWL-04 Fisheye conversion wetlens I cannot find any sample and feedback with the RX100 ( besides M67 step-down adapter is necessary) What result to expect ? Possible vignetting ?
  3. The RX100 can film video with manual WB ( not in video mode though). All you have to do is use the P or M mode, custom white balance and press the Video button. ( No need to turn the wheel to the video mode. .....)
  4. Hi, I managed to find this video. Thisi s ambient light with manual WB. It looks OK even is ambiant is low. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4A8kFjbEm4
  5. Ok Just bought the camera second hand at 700 euros. Play a bit with the different video modes. The manual white balance is not that cumbersome to set up. In fact it can be set up in P mode with no need to turn the wheel back to the video. Can shoot video straight into the P mod with the dedicated video button. So that's all right (only 6-7 button to press, can be done in 10 seconds) Now l need to find a wet lenses....
  6. that was THE video I've been hunting for over the internet ! I can see the clean manual wide balance at the beginning. That's good enough to me. I just can't believe I just went back from diving in the philipines with no Camera ! ("luckily" visibility in Malapascua and Coron was only 5-10 m so no big regrets. After 3 years of underwater idling the vibe is back. So next trip to southern Egypt in May with Sony M4 it will be ! Thanks for your precise help. PS : ( your corners are bit blurry if being pointy,Would it be sharper with new Dyron WA Wetness ? ).
  7. Yes for video only, but I really like to shoot ambient light WA. The RX100 M3 Features the 1080p @ 50mbps. You mean that you don't see a huge difference between the M3 1080 @ 50 mpbs and the M4 4k @ 100mbps ?
  8. I had a look at your channel. Some the RX good WB like the one with LX7 in Bunaken for instance Regarding the RX100, the color tone on this one bit too red to me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRHoqHT1buc Did you also use a filter or manual WB like in Bunaken ? Any recent footage from M4 with manu WB. Really hard to find quality M4 ambiant light video This purchase is wrecking my mind : LX 100 : No versality for WA or Macro (unless you go crazy expensive with Nautical Rig) RX100 m4 : Shitty white balance G7X : Perfect but no 4K
  9. Hi, If my housing has 67 mm thread can I use and WA adapter ( like dyron super wide angle lens 13 mm) with stock 14-42 lens from Olympus E-M10 ? What would be the limits ( vignetting, lack of sharpness, focusing) compared to a real wide angle lens with a proper dome ? What about macro diopter to use with this stock lens ? I'd like to have the versatile and compact ( shooting WA and macro on the same dive) and quality of DSLR sensor. Is this possible ? Thanks
  10. In fact..Yes and I found my answer here on your post thanks http://interceptor121.com/2012/10/28/sony-rx100-tips-for-uw-video-part-3-setting-custom-white-balance/ I might have asked my WB question wrong Thanks Does this 8 step technique also applies for the Mark 4 ? Thanks
  11. thanks Jack, good to know that the Sony allow to focus on the entire zoom range. but just to make things clear about the white balance on the Sony, can you set a picture as for manual white balance in video mode ? that is what will drive the purchase. thanks
  12. I already try red filter plus autowb and I don't like the look. before being "knowledgeable" I thought I could be filming auto wb and fix it in post production by adding some red. never gave me the same pristine. look as doing a proper manual balance.
  13. hi. I ve been thinking a long time too on those 2. About white balance in video mode I'm a bit confused. I understand we can t do "instant wb" by pointing At a reference like on the Lumix. ok. but.. , is it possible to take a still and apply this photo a reference for video ?? I used to shoot with a canon 550d and always use this cumbersome technique. not as smooth as instant wb from video camera but delivered great results. so?? Anybody owning an m4 to try that ? thanks
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