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  1. I think i'll have to go for a wide beam dive light. Can anyone recommend a cheap one?
  2. Hi, Thanks for the responses. I like the idea of a wide beam dive light on a stand. Can you recommend any lights? James. How would I trigger the speedlite?
  3. So i guess i'm after a cheap, single strobe that gives a wide-ish light. It's only going to be a little bit of fill light so doesn't need to super powerful. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi, I am looking to start taking photos of babies underwater in swimming pools and trying to figure out what lighting i should use. I will be using a 5D MKII that is in a housing used for surfing so i'll have to bodge how the light fits to the rig. But that's another issue. At present I don't want to spend too much as i'm not sure if i'm going to pursue it full time so I was wondering if there are any cheap lights out there. I'd only be after one at the moment. Would the light being in the babies eyes be an issue i wonder? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  5. If the port is new and free of scratches then you should be fine. Clean it with washing up liquid. (Pat the port, don't rub, just incase there's grit on your cloth) rinse with clean water and leave it to dry. Make sure nothing touches it in the mean time. I have a plastic column that is taller than the port and then put a cloth over the top and secure with elastic band. Then before going in the water spit and lick the port and let it dry for a minute or so. That should work a treat. If an spots aren't clearing then lick that one bit. Make sure you don't have anything on your lips like suncream etc and be weary of what you've eaten. Cleaning your teeth before you go surfing helps.
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