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  1. Like the 1st Shot ! Thanks for sharing
  2. Great Shots I ♥ sharks ! thanks for sharing
  3. Niice shots I loved the 3rd and I think it was gonna be better if the baloons were fell with water to make it clearer that Air has nothing to do with that
  4. Amazing Shots ! I loved the 3rd and 4th mooore ^^ Thanks for sharing !
  5. Just Wow!! Another time Mr. MaTT with Amazing Shots Waiting another collection !!
  6. weren't you afraid of getting hurt ! that long Corn doesn't seem to be friendly !!
  7. Amazing Shots !! Thanks for sharing
  8. Amazing Shots Tim!! Thanks for sharing AGAIN ^^
  9. Nice Shots ! I loved the last one !!
  10. I'm not profesional at photography, So I can't provide any technical advices! but as a Simple viewer I can say that I loved all ur shots and thank you for sharing
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