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    sony sr 11
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    L & M bluefin pro
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    Home design 6000 lumen
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    Fathom 90 port
  1. I had they custom made, they are just under 4000 lumens with about 120 degree light spread with no hot spots. The cable glands are German Hummel's rated to 90 meters and I have had them to 55 meters with no issues. The battery pack is a twist to turn on design with NiMH batteries giving about 45 minutes burn time, though you could change them to lithium ion batteries which would extend the burn time and reduce the weight. Jools
  2. )) Would you split the package and sell me just the strobes? use my email which is julian - taylor (at)bt connect (dot) com just remove the spaces etc etc
  3. I have the 65 degree lens, would you be interested in that? Jools
  4. Adobe and lights gone, bump for the rest. All in excellent condition..
  5. L&M bluefin pro housing plus Sony SR11 camera. Access to the manual white balance, focus and zoom, monitor back + 65 degree lens, + long life battery for camcorder, NiMH batteries for the housing, light mounting kit. Just been serviced. Sony HD-WA lens for land, Neutral Density filter, graduated Neutral Density filter + linear polarising filter + filter holders. £1800 Fathom 90 degree wide angle lens. £900 Or £2500 for the package The photo show's it with lights, shotgun mic, tripod and editing software but I want to keep those now (though may throw in the editing software for free if you smile when making offers) Jools
  6. New prices: Fathom 90 lens: £750 camera + housing + accesories + L & M 65 lens £1850 Adobe CS4 production premium for PC £200 4000 lumen lights £750 Pm me if interested.......
  7. Hi mate Sorry for the late reply, for some reason I don't get emailed when people write on this thread.... The Package is production premium cs4 for PC. I shifted to a mac so the old one was wiped when I factory reset my laptop for sale. Yes it is European, well UK anyway and I bought it new Direct from Adobe. It has only ever been installed on 2 machines, my old old laptop and my old laptop so I don't see an issue with it going on another. If there was an issue (if it is like microsoft) then it installs then says you have to call a number to identify yourself, which I would be happy to do in worse case scenario, then once that happens it runs smoothly. I would be looking for offers round £350 I think new is about £1000 ish give or take. Cheers Jools
  8. still for sale, will split anything off the package. Reasonable offers accepted...
  9. Sorry, should have stated that I'm looking for reasonable offers not stupid ones :-? my bad lol Double that and add a bit and you have a deal
  10. Still for sale, make offers if you're interested. It all needs to be sold :-)
  11. Man sh*t the bed!!! Get over it! The more lumens the better.full stop! the wider spread the better.full stop! LED better than HID.full stop! No hotspots better. full stop...............! Forget the crap here, build your own for £200, better , full stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Still for sale and will split for the right prices..... Jools
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