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  1. Yes, very aware of the 2 to 3 minute attention span. Each sport has a different audience. I also race sports cars and it's funny how the viewers of those videos want to watch every second, ever turn no matter how long your video. My dive videos are to be viewed like a full dive (well, not really. My bottom time is usually 50 to 60 minutes. These videos are only 20 minutes). Thanks for watching (part of it) !
  2. My latest video of my 2017 dive trip to Little Cayman Beach Resort. I edit long video's so if you aren't willing to spend 20 minutes watching you'll miss the experience. Watch in HD with a cup of coffee or a drink.
  3. Recently back from Little Cayman diving with Reef Divers. Took the boat trip over to Cayman Brac to dive the Russian War Ship 356. My 5th time diving this site so I let the dive master (Lena) take me on her tour of the ship from her perspective. Great dive and if you haven't been on this wreck the video will give you some understanding of the scale of the ship. I know the video is a bit long (20 minutes) but its a big ship!
  4. Agree to comments above about shortening the length for average viewer. I used to be a cinematographer for documentary films and except for my demo reel, nothing was ever 3 minutes long. My videos are not for the masses, really for people who want to have a bit more of the "experience" of the diving area and some of the interaction with sea life. And in truth, I shoot for my son's to have great memories of all the things they did with their Dad while growing up :-)
  5. This video represents 5 full days of diving on the Bloody Bay wall with my son who was doing digital still photography. As usual, the Groupers are like puppy dogs following you around with some wanting to rub up against you. Also dove the wreck "MV Capt. Keith Tibbets (really Russian Frigate 356) off Cayman Brac. Video shot with Light & Motion Bluefin Housing, Fathom 90 and 145 lenses, Sony HDR-CX550V camera. No lights (although I do have L&M Solas, I prefer to shoot using ambient light and white balance on a very regular basis). NLE used is Sony Vegas Pro 11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xMFM6fDQy8
  6. This is my third time to Harbour Village Beach Resort and Great Adventures Dive & Water Sports Bonaire. The entire facility is first class and you just can't find anything wrong with the accommodations, Restaurant & bar on the beach and especially the dive shop run my Muriel & Mark. The diving is hassle free and the entire crew at Great Adventures is laid back and fun. All the boat dives are close to the resort, and the dive shop, dock and lockers are all on the resort at the end of the beach so it just doesn't get any easier. This year we saw a lot of moray eels swimming freely along the reef. The most I have ever seen moving around during the day. The best and totally unexpected experience was watching a turtle eat a freshly killed Lion fish. And then the octopus that put on a great show spreading itself out to look so much bigger. Lots more........you'll need to watch the video. Great dive trip with my son who has become a very accomplished UW photographer. Shot with Light & Motion Bluefin 550 housing, Sony HDR-CX550V camera, Fathom 90 and 145 lenses. All available light.
  7. Nicely done! One of the best videos I have seen in a while. Great depth of field and the colors are true.
  8. Little Cayman Beach Resort and diving with Reef Divers. March 2012. UW video using Light & Motion Bluefin Housing, 90 degree and 145 degree lenses, Sola 1200 video lights, Sony HDR-CX550V HD camera.
  9. Will this port fit the Ikelite 6812 for the NIKON D200 ?
  10. I am interested in your Ikelite d200 housing. Which model number is it, does it have a port and do you have pictures? Thanks.
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