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  1. Hi Julia, we have many ways of traveling with Gates housings. Please let us know what housing and accessories you are wanting to travel with and we can make suggestions.
  2. Your site looks good. Great imagery. Will have to check out that service.
  3. PM us with your email address for more details. We have a customer wanting to sell off his immaculate Gates EX1 housing with Moisture Alarm, HD SDI out, HD SDI Cable, EM43 monitor, SP44, FP44 and SWP44 as a package. Camera and batteries available as a package too!
  4. Nice video, great footage. I like how you started it off with the assembly of the side mount underwater. Great video to share with those considering side mount.
  5. If you have a regular Gates HVX200 housing then your superwide is the SWP44. If you have a HVX200A housing then you will have a SWP44C port. They are not interchangeable.
  6. Nice shot. Do you find its a bit too heavy when out in the surf and trying to hold it above water? What port are you shooting with?
  7. That is great news! What operator did you use out there?
  8. Very nice. I have heard its a great experience there but that it is not always possible to get out there and that the sharks being there is not always very reliable.
  9. Very nice! Did you get some shots of the Threshers? How was that part of the trip?
  10. Had the chance to put hands on the Nauticam NEX-7 at CES two weeks ago. It is certainly not a small housing when compared to the S100 or G12. It is larger than the NA-NEX5N yet smaller than a T2i housing. The NEX-7 certainly has image quality to rival that of the DSLRs and it is also an APS-C sensor. We are very excited to take one out to play when the housings become available.
  11. You mention the 8.5". Are you trying to compare the glass domes from Nauticam, i.e. the 9" Glass Dome vs. the 9" Glass Dome with WB? or are you comparing the 8.5" Acrylic dome to the WB port which would leave for a very drastic price difference?
  12. That looks like one heck of an experience! We have considered offering a trip out there. Other than the whales, how is the rest of the diving?
  13. Nice video! Shaws is a great dive. Looks like there were some pretty good conditions too!
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