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  1. Hi! Have you got the 145 degree lens for Bluefin?
  2. Dear George, I sent you a message. Can you send me an offer for this lens? Thanks Laszlo lmatrai@hotmail.com
  3. Dear Friends, Thanks for the comments. I'm glad if you like it. Pete: Final Cut 7. My level is basic but I will to learn. A fantastic software. Drew: Thanks for your emphasise. Have a nice day! Laszlo
  4. Dear Peter and Wagsy, Thanks for your comments. I am a beginner. I need to learn more... The Batfish training was very hard. Very naughty students. Best regards Laszlo
  5. Hi my friends, I'm a new member on this site. A made my first movie with the Sony CX550 in a L&M Bluefin Pro. I would like to thanks the help to Peterbkk. It was very conducive. Enjoy: [vimeohd]28029398[/vimeohd] Under the surface by OG-Lee[/url] Equipment: Sony CX550VE, L&M Bluefin Pro housing, L&M Sunray2000 lights, Fathom 90 lens and some crazy divers Have a nice day. OG-Lee
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