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  1. Thanks Tim and Bill, i can wait for a better timeframe. No Prob Count me in. Ciao Cris
  2. Hi, i'm interested i'll join the group for 10m. EU - Italy. Hope not too late.. Thanks Cris
  3. Hi Robert, Sorry for the late reply i'm actually in holiday and trying to disconnect... Thanks for the offer but a bit out of my budget.. i can give you 350 € euro for both Greetings Cris
  4. Hi all, WTB: Nauticam N85 4" Semidome Wide angle port #36137 eventually with gear #36143 for the Olympus Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 9-18 Thanks Cris
  5. Hi Kevin, Can you split ? I need the Nauticam tray, handles,arm and clamps... Let me know Thanks Cris
  6. Hi Wolfgang, camera side: the rubber optical cable holder plugs. Olympus 7 mm optical flash port. I any case i have spare. So it's fine just the cable with the Inon type 1-2-3 connector. Regards Cris
  7. Hi Wolfgang, i'm interested in one of the Inon D-2000 but i need it with the optical cable... do you have also the optical cable ? Thanks Cris
  8. Hello Kevin, I'm interested in this combo. I'm already equipped with 60 macro set up and looking foward do expand in Wide angle. I live in Italy. Thank you. Cris
  9. I'm also a e-pm1 new user. played for few days with Sea&Sea YS110 ( pre alpha ...very old) .and pt-ep06 Olympus housing. To find a way to safe camera battery i tried the different combination between fill and 1/64 flash on the camera here's my result: E-pm1 Setting YS-110 setting result E-pm1 Flash 1/64 mode manual 1 No good E-pm1 Flash 1/64 mode manual 2 OK ---- > fast recharge less 1sec. Best setting for battery saving and fast shooting E-pm1 Flash 1/64 mode TTL no good E-pm1 Flash Fill mode manual 1 OK ----> Slow recharge more than 3sec. Reliable E-pm1 Flash Fill mode manual 2 no good E-pm1 Flash Fill mode TTL OK -----> got green light on Ys110 strobe ( TTL) but unpredictable results: some time under exposed some time over exposed.... i'm still working to find a good setup...but i think i will stick to manual....and coming from Nikonos V i'm used to manual modes... hope helps. My book here: http://www.blurb.com/books/1269959
  10. Hi all, i'm an underwater photo enthusiast from Italy. After 12 years of intense use my Nikonos V flooded… After many years of underwater images i'm thinking to switch to digital underwater. i'm already using on land an old Nikon D200 with a couple of lens (token 12-24, nik 50 mm and some others zoom..) but i'm in the point to decide what system to buy. My budget 1500 euro / 2000 $ approx. for a starter kit. ( 1 port 1 flash) The decision is not easy for me: i love the compact and lens quality of Nikonos system and i want similar quality, but is better to go to dSLR housing and keep my Nikon D200 or going to a micro 4/3 system like the Panasonic GH2 or Oly PL3 or similar ? with old Nikon i can buy an used system ( Ikelite ?) and save some for a new lens, and port…but lower resolution , no video and quite old technology compared to the new micro 4/3. and bulky…very bulky with micro 4/3 stuff : greater resolution, video, new technology and relative compact system but i think expensive and lag ??? Resolution is important but lens quality and lighting much more… any advice to help me to decide? thanks Cris -- Check my book. http://www.blurb.com/books/1269959
  11. Hi, let me introduce myself, i'm new to the forum too, my name is Cristiano from Italy passionate diver and amateur uw photographer. After 12 years of Nikonos now my beloved camera flooded this month. always a sad moment...it's my second one. i really loved the small size and lens quality but the 36 shots limit, the price for processing and scanning the slides, the long workflow to digitize them… Quality can be really amazing but the learning curve is hard, you really have to "imagine" the photo, it's almost all manual with very few electronic help. You have to evaluate distance,light, speed…and then wait and wait to see the results. Pre-digital photography:blink: ( a geological time ago..) experience can really help. Nikonos body can be relatively cheap and may be you can test and the decide. but for me it's time to move to digital….too many advantages. Cris ex-Nikonos V You can have a look here to some of my pictures http://www.blurb.com/books/1269959
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