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  1. My wife needs these, and we are having trouble finding any.....Anyone with a solution, or a pair for sale ?
  2. I use the canon 5d mark II in the Aquatica housing, with the 16 to 35 mm lens, and the big dome port. I love the camera, and my main use is the 1080p video. I use two cave video lights, with a cannister battery. Some examples: coral reef shots....color and definition..me trying to get close to subject ( less than natural for me as a new u/w videographer) Wreck shots with Goliath groupers....fast swimming, and with penetration into wreck--light levels cvopnstantly changing. Bottlenose dolphin video....unique because bottlenose swim at over 5mph--my camera was mounted on a gavin scooter, and I was swimming at full speed. There is a spot on the upper right in the video when I point up toward the surface...this was a scratch I was not aware of, as you usually shoot down....the dolphin video is not utilizing many of the normal ideas for shooting video--the dolphns don't really cooperate with this :-) Fortunately, it turns out that rental places like www.absea.net , use a scratch remover and polish by NOVUS, to easily remove this..they were kind enough to share with me, and the scratch no longer exists....If only the dolphins give me another chance :-) ....Anyway, the scooter mount massively increases steadiness of the video....that was the idea....the dolphins were not expected. and you need 1080 P stream speeds to appreciate the canon detail level, or, you can download the RealPlayer and on hitting a youtube video you want, setting at 1080p, you then click DOWNLOAD ON THE rEALpLAYER DROP DOWN. RealPlayer® - Best free video player for avi, flv, mpeg4 | RealPlayer
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