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  1. Great pics and TR! The frogfish and molting crab were incredible. Heading to Buddy Dive in 11 days for our second visit there and third to the island. Stoked is an understatement. We love Cactus Blue as well. Hagen has taken good care of us as well.
  2. Hi, New to this forum. I have been taking lousy photos underwater for a few years but decided a while back to study the art a bit and upgrade my equipment. I started with an Oly 1030 in an Ikelite housing then added a strobe to it a year and a half ago. Viva la difference! Now I have taken that strobe and matched it up with a Canon T2i in a Watershot housing. I used a couple of weeks ago in Cozumel and had some decent results. This past week I paired up the strobe with a twin (Inon S2000) and will be taking it to Bonaire in a couple of weeks. I just found this forum and am excited about all the information available. I look forward to contributing when I can. In the interim my current work can be seen at www.brucep.smugmug.com.
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