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  1. I just came back from Wakatobi and there is some truth to comment about divemasters being too "restrictive". Many people in our group felt that some of the rules were too confining, like limiting the dive to 70 min and "staying as a group". I personally ran into "trouble" one time for diving for 74 mins because I overextended my safety stop and got entertained by watching what was going on below. One could say that they take their rules too seriously. I do give them credit though, for any rule that promotes the conservation of their surrounding reefs. Considering the breath-taking reefs that surround Wakatobi, I find this a minor annoyance, and I would go back to Wakatobi again. Other positives: - Excellent arrival logistics. A rep greets you in the Bali airport, does the visa for you and lets you skip the immigration line. In the parking lot you are greeted by cell phone from the office and reminded of the departure time to Wakatobi. Once you drop your luggage in the Bali airport, it arrives to your room at Wakatobi. - The day of departure from Bali to Wakatobi, you are lead to the VIP room at the airport. They have breakfast, massage and lounge. - Food is good to excellent. Desserts were the best. Examples were lychee mouse, peach mouse, cappucino mouse, apple strudel, home-made ice cream ... must be the Swiss heritage. - Acommodations are excellent. The bungalows are furnished with Indonesian wood furniture and European style bathroom fittings. The bathrooms feel like a bathroom of five-star club. - The camera room is great for setting up your equipment close to the docks. 110v power strips and daily towels are available. - Taxi service for shore dives. They can take you on a skiff to any location on the house reef. - Divemasters are good at finding creatures sp. pygmy seahorses I'll be writing a trip report soon. Eddy.
  2. Here's a review of the last Digital Photo Adventure offered by Jack and Sue Drafahl in Bonaire. It includes: - Review of Captain Don's Habitat, Bonaire - Lots of tips, photo notes, lecture notes during the Digital Photo Adventure week. This is a week-long uw-photo seminar, workshop and hands-on instruction by Jack and Drafahl. - More tips for the Olympus SP-350 Current link: Eddy's Scuba Blog Permalink: Eddy's Scuba Blog - Post details: Review of Captain Don's and the Drafahl's Digital Photo Adventure Enjoy, Eddy. __________________
  3. I'm on a similar boat ... I currently have a Sony Cybershot DSC-P9, with Sony housing and a Sea&Sea YS-25 strobe and I'm looking for a P&S with more manual settings. These are the features that I'm looking for: - Manual settings for aperture, exposure and focus - Good battery life (1 hr+with flash, if using fiber optic link) - High megapixel - High mem card capacity - Short cycle time between shots - Short lag time - Good Wide angle and macro Nice to have, but not crucial: - Raw mode - TTL I'm currently considering: - Olympus SP-350 - Canon S80 I want to stay with a P&S because I like having LCD feedback, and movie mode. Opinions are appreciated. Thanks in advance, Eddy.
  4. Thanks for your post. I'm considering getting this camera, but I'm told that the lcd display shuts off when you are in manual mode. Is there any truth to this? I'm looking for a p&s with manual settings, but don't want to go SLR. Eddy.
  5. Yes, I already got a lot flame for that particular dive. Will keep that idea of diving solo in mind. I'll try to live to do more reports. The Octo pix (at night) is my favorite. I shot it almost blindly (couldn't see the subject on the visor at all). It was a lucky shot. Eddy.
  6. Here's my report with pictures of my last trip to Cozumel. First time using a strobe (what a difference!). My setup is pretty basic: Sony DSC-P9, MPK-9 case, Sea&Sea YS-25 strobe. http://purpleink.us/blogs/eddy.html Any pointers or suggestions on the photography is appreciated. Cheers, Eddy.
  7. I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-P9 with an MPK-P9 marine case and I'm looking for a strobe light. Don't want to spend too much, perhaps $300-500. Any recommendations? Eddy.
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