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  1. I need/buy Atomos Ninja V non working, flooded, broken unit (plastic shell and battery contacts)
  2. This type of set for GoPro Hero 9/8 also can help to make perfect quality imaging
  3. At least latest housing for Sony a7siii has threaded M16x1 port. Previous housings had 1/2-20 threaded spare ports.
  4. You can use bulkhead connector DNC-2091 for your Ikelite housing with any external HDMI cables, depends from desirable length, for example 30m DNC-1066
  5. I need used bulkhead connector "Ikelite B1A Ikelite ICS-5 Bulkhead with Connector"
  6. Hi Richard, I can not make cabling for Nauticam monitor. Pinout and inserts are totally different from our configuration. Regards, Alex iachkov
  7. Yes, you can purchase the bulkhead connector. Please remember - the bulkhead connector compatible only with any external HDMI monitors and 4K HDMI external cables by Dive And See. Because we are using our own pinout connection system.
  8. Another way how to eliminate extra HDMI connection inside the housing and use Full-size HDMI connector For Aquatica, Nauticam, Seacam and Sea&Sea Custom made, low profile HDMI 90 degrees Fool size HDMI connector (Type A) pass through the 16mm threaded port of Nauticam GH5
  9. Hello all, This monitor is like new. Never been used in the water. It was used in an Electronics show as a functional demonstration unit. By default, the monitor was used with Seacam Sony A7RIII housing. I can provide you the bulkhead connector if your housing is other than Seacam. The monitor has HDMI Input and an additional 3G-SDI Output bulkhead connector (cross converter HDMI to SDI), which allows it to send an SDI signal to the surface. This set consists of: Sealed monitor Battery charger Bulkhead connector Cold shoe ball mount 1 inch Quick battery charger Monitor hood Price: $2160 Original price is $2700 For detailed technical information of this DNC-5A(HS) monitor, see (http://www.diveandsee.com/products/underwater-monitors/dnc-5a) Thanks, Alex
  10. Now easy recharge the battery without removing the camera. Especially when using a fat lens that obligates you to remove the port and lens in order to extract the body from the housing Nauticam NA-A6300 Sony A6300 Bulkhead connector M16, with Mini USB connector (http://www.diveandsee.com/products/underwater-connectors/dnc-2049), allows also to send files from memory card to external storage without open the housing. Bulkhead connector M16, with Mini USB connector, allows also to send files from memory card to external storage without open the housing.
  11. This is price for the different options of DNC-5A: DNC-5A(H1) - $2500 HDMI input only DNC-5A(H2) - $2700 HDMI input, HDMI output DNC-5A(HS) - $2700 HDMI input, SDI output DNC-5A(S1) - $2500 SDI input only DNC-5A(S2) - $2700 SDI input, SDI output DNC-5A(SH) - $2700 SDI input, HDMI output http://www.diveandsee.com/products/underwater-monitors/dnc-5a
  12. I am selling the 7" HDMI monitor in very good condition. This monitor works perfect with Canon 5D Mark II (without delay) or any Video and DSLR cameras with 1080p60 or 1080p50 formats. Monitor comes with quick charger, ball mount and bulkhead connector. Asking USD 1450.
  13. I modified external strobe connector (bulkhead connector) of Ikelite housing, and convert it to USB connection. This modified connector allows to use Canon or Nikon cameras with CamRanger Wireless Tethering System, and get fool Menu control of the camera functions – remotely. CamRanger is a stand-alone device that connects to select Canon or Nikon DLSR cameras with a provided USB cable. It creates its own WiFi network that your device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, or Mac or Windows computer) can then connect to. Mini USB type B Right angle connector perfectly fit into the housing. Alex http://www.diveandsee.com/products/monitors
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