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  1. This is Europe http://www.aditech-uw.com/es/foto-video-submarino/1721-nauticam-na-em5-olympus-om-d-e-m5.html http://www.aditech-uw.com/es/foto-video-submarino/1607-nauticam-flexitray-71202.html http://www.aditech-uw.com/es/tienda/1630-nauticam-cpula-433-36125.html
  2. I sell: - Nauticam OMD EM5 - Nauticam Dome port 31132 4.33' - Nauticam Flexitray All equipment in perfectly condition, 10-15 dives. Selling price: 1490€ by paypal fotosub70@hotmail.com Thank you and best regards
  3. Olympus OMD, Nauticam housing, Panasonic 8mm and two D1
  4. For Sale - Recsea housing and components for a Panasonic GF1 in perfect condition: 1 x Recsea GF1 Housing 1 x Dome port for Panasonic 8mm 1 x Flat Port for Panasonic 45mm macro 1 x Body Panasonic GF1 Price 1499€ more shipping fotosub70@hotmail.com Thank you and best regards
  5. My first shots in two dives with Panasonic GF1 and 8mm fisheye.
  6. More pics: http://forobuceo.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=75994
  7. Thank you very much. Sorry for my English Aperture macro 22 and fishes 14-18 and any wetlens used
  8. My first pictures with the GF1, leica 45mm, Seatool housing and two S2000 in sTTL Jpegs without editing Regards Marc Casanovas www.marccasanovas.net
  9. Hi More questions for sea&sea... ¿MDX-D300 with built-in TTL converter like 400D housing or compatible with converter III? ¿the same viewfinder that the DX-D200? Thank and best regards Marc Casanovas www.marccasanovas.net
  10. http://cgi.ebay.es/CAJA-ESTANCA-SEALUX-CC-...1QQcmdZViewItem Best regards Marc Casanovas
  11. My first photos with my new tokina 10-17: http://www.forobuceo.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=24958
  12. Sea&Sea "official answer": Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you for your inquiry. There are two connector on the DX-D200. One is for new TTL converter. The other one is for regular 5-pin sync cord. But we do not recommend to use the SB800 because we have not tested with it. You might have some problem. I hope not you will try to use it and have no trouble with DX-D200. Best Regards, ...
  13. Hi all, I ‘m waiting for my new D200 and underwater housing Sea&Sea DX D200. I have a SB800 that I use along with a D70. I’ve seen that in the DX D200's user guide they say that it's only possible to connect the new Sea&Sea's TTL converter and Sea&Sea strobes: USER MANUAL SEA&SEA DX-D200 Is it possible to directly connect the SB800 to the 5-pin Nikonos connector without using the TTL converter and without any problems? Greetings
  14. ¿Is possible to install Canon 20D in a Sea&Sea housing for a Canon 10D? Thank you.
  15. Buenas noches from Barcelona. My firsts pics with this equipment: I hope you enjoy them. P.D. ¿Any new about the availability update iTTL-IKELITE? Saludos Mariano...
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