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  1. I am selling a complete Ikelite housing for a Canon 5D Mk2. It has been used twice (Curacao and Bahamas) and is in mint condition. The package includes the 6871.02 housing, the 5510.24 8" dome xtend zoom body, 8" dome with cover and the amazing Pro-2800 LED light system. At 2800 lumens this thing is amazingly bright! Plus all associated clamps, sleeves, spare o-rings etc. are included. PayPal and cashiers checks accepted. Buyer pays shipping. $2,500 for the complete package.
  2. Thanks, yours was a much better way to put it. Thanks Drew. I already have Cinestyle loaded so that's a big help. So you just white balance at depth and away you go...?
  3. The Canon 5D has a number of "Picture Style" presets, is there one that is best suited to UW video/photos?
  4. I am looking to purchase a housing for my Canon 5D Mk2 and would greatly appreciate some expert advice prior to "taking the plunge". If at all possible I'd like to keep the purchase in the $2,000 range (or below) and so it seems that Nimar and Ikelite are the only options. Are there others? I intend to shoot primarily video, is there a best all around lens for this? What are the best settings for video? Neutral? Faithful? Cinestyle? Any and all other suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!
  5. Is this housing still for sale? If so are there any issues with it and why are you selling (just curious). Thanks.
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