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  1. I've never been much of a video shooter unless I date myself and admit I owned a Beta Camcorder and then an 8mm camcorder. I've tested most of the Nikon DSLR bodies video up to the D5 and D850 but never found them easy enough to use. Now that I have a Z 9 I might be converted. Even before the 2.0 firmware update video seems easy and of high quality. Focus tracking is very good now and will only get better. I need to learn how to edit and in what format but the update enhancements take everything up a level. Yesterday I was handholding a 180-400 with the TC engaged filming ducks on a lake in side to direct backlight, areas of shadow, and debris that might confuse the focus of small moving objects at distance. With auto ISO I was impressed. With in camera VR the panning and image stability with a long lens handheld was impressive. I can't comment on how that translates to underwater but it can't hurt.
  2. Price slashed to $1,250.00 Great gear just gathering dust. Buy a Nikon D3S camera in great condition for $1,250.00 and get an Aquatica Housing for free!
  3. I don’t think it is a gimmick and I’m about to find out. I just received an email from NPS my Z 9 has shipped and I only ordered it on February 3rd. If using strobes and small apertures with deep depth of field and slow moving subjects it might not be important but it wouldn’t hurt. If shooting birds in flight or fast-moving animals with long glass, fast shutter speeds and very shallow depth of field it could be useful. I was reading a discussion about equestrian photographers wondering if they should use Animal or People subject detection and which subjects’ eye would be more important to focus on. As a sports shooter I’ve wondered how it would work for American Football and Hockey due to the helmet’s players wear, sometimes with visors. Football (Soccer), baseball and basketball might be useful. I haven’t had an issue grabbing focus without it and am curious to find out if it is useful for my style of shooting. Hopefully the Nikon Deep Learning algorithm marketing message is backed up with performance. Lots of owners are happy with it.
  4. Thanks. I'm beginning to get a better understanding of which lenses are supported and how they are supported. This article helped but I can't vouch for its accuracy. I wasn't aware some 3rd party lenses already worked even though I don't think Nikon officially claims they will. It is early in the product life cycle, perhaps Z versions will be announced. https://photographylife.com/nikon-ftz-adapter-lens-compatibility
  5. Nikon claims to support *Full AF/AE supported when using FX or DX AF-S Type G/D/E, AF-P type G/E, AF-I type D lenses and AF-S/AF-I Teleconverters. AF performance tests show no difference in focus speed when used on an F mount body vs the Z 9 with FTZ. The AF Fisheye-Nikkor 16mm f/2.8D is included in a list of supported lenses. That doesn't mean D lenses that have been discontinued and/or replaced by newer versions won't work. For example, I have a Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 600mm f/4G ED VR that is not listed because a newer E FL version is available but it has been confirmed to work flawlessly. It is expected many 3rd party F mount lenses will be supported via future firmware updates. These lenses will also be able to use the Z 9 in-body VR. https://www.nikonusa.com/en/nikon-products/camera-lenses/mirrorless-lenses/index.page#!/tag:lR8:F Mount Digital Cameras (via Adapter)
  6. First, I currently own a D850, an Aquatica housing for it, a large dome and any other ports I might need. I also own a D5 that I still prefer to the D850 and a D3S and D3S housing I no longer use. I don't choose my camera bodies with UW photography as a priority. Although I "retired" from shooting professional sports a few years ago (a 2nd job) I am considering starting again now that I have also retired from my day job. I still do other types of photography in addition to sports. A local pro I know and have shot with many times has changed to a pair of Z 9 bodies. We were a couple of the Nikon shooters in a sea of Canon shooters for a number of years. I learned he is now a Nikon Ambassador. The AF is improved over even the D6 and the video is much better. He is featured on the Nikon USA website talking about AF. While the Z series lenses may have a theoretical advantage over the F mount lenses, there is no difference in the performance of an F mount lens on a Z 9 compared to a F mount lens on a D850 or D6. I have read and watched a number of reviews confirming the advancement in AF on the Z 9. The lead story on the front page of DPReview is a comparison of the Canon EOS R3, Sony a1 and Nikon Z9. The Z 9 did well. None of the previous Nikon mirrorless cameras interested me. I've ordered a Z 9 but don't have any current plans to get an UW housing for it. I had just expected to come to this forum and read all the opinions on it and am surprised there weren't any. This is a body that has finally put Nikon to the top or equal to any of the best pro level mirrorless systems.
  7. I didn't order a Z 9 for underwater and will probably never get an UW housing for it. Personally I like the larger pixels of FF vs DX sensors. I even prefer the larger D5/D6 pixels to the D850. This doesn't make as much difference when using strobes but on dry land, without flash, they seem more pleasing to my eye and more forgiving. I already have an Aquatica system with all the ports I would want to use, A D3S housing I can barely give away and a D850 housing I am very happy with. I've never bought a body with UW photography as the priority. I've just tried to use the same body I needed for my sports photography. I'll now need to research what these latest water contact optics are. Thanks.
  8. Valid points and overkill is probably accurate but the subject is "The perfect camera". If I assume the camera and housing must be available, than the D500 is available but presumed discontinued and a DX version of the Z 9 is unknown. The more I learn about the Z 9 the more impressed I am. I wonder how in body VR would help my occasional buoyancy control challenges.
  9. I haven’t been following photography equipment advances for the last few years and based on everything I’d read a few years back, mirrorless was not a consideration. When I learned one of my local fellow sports shooters I respect changed to Z 9 bodies I took notice. Recently I have become more passionate again about photography and after researching the new Nikon Z 9, my opinion on mirrorless has changed. I placed an order and flagged NPS Priority Purchase. I have no clue what the delivery time frame will be. I visited the forum expecting to read all about the Nikon Z 9 and the new housings being announced for it. I may be search challenged but can’t find much. I recently ordered a Z 9, not with UW photography in mind but it would be nice to consolidate the equipment I use. It seems to check all the boxes. Basics: RAW still output. RAW and JPG - Check Manual/Shutter Priority/Aperture Priority modes. Check Means of triggering strobes. Check Housing/port options. Nauticam Nikon Z9 Underwater Housing NA-Z9 "Must haves:" 26-28MP cropped sensor (unlikely...but one can dream!) 45.7M Pixel FF FX (36x24) sensor with multiple crop options including Auto DX Crop. 1.2x(30x20), DX 1.5x(24x16), 5:4(30x34) Acceptable ISO performance up to around ISO 3600 – ISO 64-25600, EV 32 to 102400. D500/D850 AF system or equivalent. Sadly, this means that mirrorless cameras are not going to cut it for a while... The Z 9 AF has surpassed even the D6 in AF capability, includes all AF modes either the D850 or D6 has and adds additional capability. Subject detection sounds interesting, at least above the sea. I have read the enhanced Eye detection autofocus has worked when photographing fish in an aquarium. Battery life for at least one day of shooting. – Battery Life is less than a D6 but should get through a day of diving without issue. I have yet to research how video impacts battery life and reports indicate the advance in video capabilities mean it will be used more often. Two memory card slots. Yes, CFexpress (Type B) and XQD type memory. Acceptable HD video performance. I am reading very positive reports including 8K 30p. Hot shoe. Yes and supports all recent Nikon Speedlights and Flash accessories. Lens choices including good native fisheye and macro options. Nikon has a growing list of promising Z system lenses with UW potential plus with the FTZ II Mount Adapter Full AF/AE is supported when using FX or DX AF-S Type G/D/E, AF-P type G/E, AF-I type D lenses and AF-S/AF-I Teleconverters. This includes the AF-S FISHEYE NIKKOR 8-15mm f/3.5-4.5E ED, AF Fisheye-Nikkor 16mm f/2.8D and AF DX Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8G ED. Robust body (although as it will be in a housing, this is not a huge deal). The Z 9 body is comparable in build quality to a D6. 3.2" LCD with acceptable resolution. Z 9 includes a 3.2 inch, 2,100K-dot, 4-axis tilting touchscreen. Focus peaking in Live View mode. Yes I am deliberately not mentioning price as it is logical that it should be as inexpensive as possible. Price may hurt. $5,499.95 US. Add a second battery (older Nikon batteries will work but won't last as long), a lens mount adapter if you want to use F mount lenses, maybe some new CFexpress type B memory cards and any Z lenses you want to buy. The only UW housing I found was Nauticam NA-Z9 for $7,223.00. You add all that up and it begins to take some real money. https://www.nikonusa.com/en/nikon-products/product/mirrorless-cameras/z-9.html
  10. Thanks Chris, I have a coiled lanyard but never really liked using it. I'm not seeing the picture. Regards
  11. I’m considering Lanyard options for an Aquatica D850 Housing with a pair of Ikelite DS161 strobes with a pair of ultralight arms for each strobe. I’m wondering what length the Lanyard should be and if it makes sense to have a pair in order to attach a snap bolt to each shoulder D-Ring on my BC. I am transitioning to a long hose with bungeed backup and need to consider that. I have watched the recent video but it doesn’t mention length. Most of my dives are beach dives in the cool green water of Puget Sound and there can be a bit of a walk over rocky beach, stairs and/or hills. That also means a drysuit with drysuit gloves. The handle configuration would likely be the most used but having a hand free assuming I’m also carrying my fins would be convenient. The attached picture shows an Aquatica 20” Lanyard option with their Mounting bracket. I’ve ordered the mounting brackets. Aquatica also has a 10” option. In the overall scheme of things, I’m also open to just buying an Aquatica Lanyard though I realize they aren’t difficult to make and cheaper options are available. With a 20-inch lanyard, what do I do with the lanyard once I am diving? I don’t want it getting in the way of controls. I never used one before but as I get back in the water and get some more training, including deploying an SMB, I’m ready to add a Lanyard. Thank you.
  12. Am I alone in using a dive light as a communication/signaling device? I agree with comments and the video that mention the advantages of a focus light. I personally prefer, in addition, a bright dedicated dive light with a narrow beam. While a focus light can double as a dive light to light your way, it doesn’t work as well as a communication device. Most any dive light can be attached to the back of your hand and won’t hinder your ability to hold a camera. Especially on a night dive where hand signals are difficult to see but even on a day dive, the ability to get a buddy’s attention and communicate with agreed upon movements is the way I was taught. Especially in Puget Sound where a day dive can have dark, low visibility even at moderate depths.
  13. I use a Solo mounted to my housing as a focus light and while it can double as a dive light, I also use a can light with a goodman handle. There are other light options with built in battery that don't require the can and cord. The can light is very bright and has a narrow beam that cuts through more of our dark green water with poor visibility at times. The goodman handle allows me to also hold my housing and is available for communication with my dive buddy, either pointing out an interesting subject or alerting them to navigation, air check, trouble, etc.. There are generic options but this is an example for your existing dive light that will keep your hands free. https://www.sherwoodscuba.com/products/fins/products/accessories/products/~70238-Neoprene-Light-Holder---STLH--
  14. I ordered an Aquatica Housing for my D850, lowering the price to $1,750.00
  15. While getting my regs and BC serviced I finally had them install the long hose and bungeed secondary. I was planning on doing it many years ago but never got around to it and then medical issues kept me out of the water for over 4 years. My neighbor is my normal dive buddy and we have discussed my hose changes and will practice until second nature. I’ve also set up a session or two with a local GUE instructor to confirm proper equipment configuration and to practice long hose routing and air share. In my case I use a can light and plan on tucking the long hose under it. He wants me to enroll in his fundies class but I’m not sure I want to go through it at this stage of my diving. I’ve heard it can be exhausting. Regardless, I do want to take some custom classes from him that cover many of the same concepts and could care less about a card. The can light may complicate a one-handed donation and switch to my secondary while holding the camera, if safe to do so, even if I need to donate after clearing the hose from behind my neck but before untucking the primary hose, I would have as much room as a traditional setup and can untuck the hose once we are both safely breathing. One consideration depending on how strict divers want to be under covid protocol is not donating a primary I have been using. One suggestion was to use the neck bungeed secondary and clip off the long hose to the chest d-ring to donate if needed. I also don’t think anyone is going to worry about that when out of air. I still need to figure out a workable lanyard solution. I’ve tried a few and have never been satisfied.
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