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  1. No sorry I want to sell the housing first.
  2. Hi I am selling my Aquatica AD90 housing plus ports and rings suited for 60mm macro and tokina 10-17 (minidome). The gear is in good condition but hardly gets used anymore. I have a spare replacement o-ring kit for the housing, it is probably overdue a service but has never leaked. Would consider selling body and lenses as well plus two inon z240 strobes. Based in Melbourne Australia. Make me an offer. Cheers John
  3. Funny!! They are pretty inconsistent with their rules. I sell steel wire rope and travelled with a sample of 6mm wire rope which went right through however they confiscated by box tape!
  4. Easier two dive with two strobes, as the weight is balanced on your rig...
  5. Know what your bag weighs and what you have to take out to make it 7kg's and make sure it does not exceed the dimensions. Use a light bag with less padding and bubble wrap your gear which is lighter. When you go through controls put whatever will put you over 7kg in another bag like a small backpack and your partners handbag. You are normally alowed to carry a personal item like a pc bag which can hold a lense, camera body etc...pass by the guard dogs and repack again into your camera bag...find out about bateries, I have been on Emirates and the one way they said batteries had to be in luggage and the other way the wanted it in my carry on....
  6. I am happy with RAW (NEF) but spoke to a guy whom said DNG was the way forward as it is open source and therefore a better way to save files in the long run. I never considered it so I wanted to check it out here instead of just agreeing with the opinion of the guy I talked to! If there was no disadvantage then I would convert to DNG for the sake of it, but since I don't think NEF will disappear and I will waste storage space with DNG...there is really no point in converting on my opinion... Thanks for your input!!
  7. No expert here but your camera would be making a calculation based on the fact that your camera flash will fire. However the light emitted by your flash would not be intense enough, which is where your strobe kicks in. It is still possible to over expose with your strobe set to higher than required.
  8. Thanks Bill, I did not know that. Sounds like a bit of a waste of space...
  9. Hello!!! Is there any disadvantage to image quality and editing ability converting from RAW (NEF) to DNG in Lightroom? If this has been discussed elsewhere the I'd appreciate if you could point the thread out to me as I searched but did not find anything on WP. Thanks!! John
  10. Housing only Shipping from Australia Good condition and never leaked $1,100 plus shipping from Melbourne Australia or make me an offer!!!
  11. Fair enough Alex, it is a bit of a showy piece however you are still getting D4 quality images from a camera half the price which is appealing to me....plus it is smaller...
  12. I am just wondering why anyone would rather take another full frame camera under water if this has the best sensor Nikon offers and more compact than a D800, 600 or 4?
  13. Hello WP! Have not stuck my head out here in a while....but I have a baby boy to show off for my recent lack of interest in anything else!! I am surprised at the lack of excitement over the Nikon DF and cant seem to see interest in it here. I would have thought this compact version of the D4 would be getting more attention, especially for its ease of manual adjustments.... What am I missing??? Cheers John
  14. Thats pretty awesome!!! Like the music too...makes it quite playful!
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