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  1. Hey Cal, Jim... Thanks very much for your responses. Jim I had a look at the Get Under Dive Club website and it looks exactly like the type of club we are looking for, it does not seem as commercial as some of the other clubs we found on the web and it will be great to meet locals that know diving in Melbourne. We are so excited about getting there! We wont be far from Mornington as Kari's (my partner) parents live in Frankston whom we will be staying with until we are settled. It would be nice to catch up when we get there sometime in January. Thanks again and look forward to meeting you. Cheers, John
  2. Seems like a few of those sharks found it hard to turn, probably because the found their fins not as flexible as usual!!!
  3. Hello, We are finally ready to move to Australia and leaving for Melbourne in January. We would like to join a fun dive club which will be friendly towards photography. Can anyone recommend good a good club, we'll be living somewhere between Molrnington and Melbourne. Thanks, John
  4. Hi Steve, I have sent you a private message about an eye problem of my own....sorry for intruding on you thread cdoyal... Cheers, John
  5. I am gradually building up my kit and at the moment it feels like I am buying too much and diving too little!! I looked at the Nikkor 12-24 and there was also a price consideration at the end of the day. My 4 inch port and 10-17 lens are on their way!! Btw what port do you use with your 12-24? Cheers
  6. Thanks for the responses, I am gonna get the Tokina 10-17 with the Aquatica 4 inch glass dome. The pictures I have seen from this system look good. Cheers, John
  7. Thanks Paul, good to hear you are enjoying the 4 inch, the dealer is also giving very positive reviews. Enjoy your trip!!
  8. Hello, I have decided to get a Tokina 10-17 FE lens for my D90 and in the process of selecting a port. I am considering either the acrylic 8 inch or the glass 4 inch Aquatica port, the large glass port is not within my budget. I do not foresee buying another wide angle lens any time soon and therefore I want to make sure that I get the best port for this lens. I have read other threads explaining corner sharpness issues with the small ports in comparison to larger glass ports however how does it compare to medium size acrylic ports? The small size of the 4 inch port is great for travel however I foresee using this predominantly where I live. If anyone has experience using these ports I would much appreciate advice or opinions, my main objective is getting the best port for the lens. Thanks John
  9. Hello, I just sold my old car and have some cash in my pocket!! I am looking to get my first wide angle lens for my D90 and would like opinions on which would be best. The following are within my budget: Nikon 10.5 Tokina 10-17 Tokina 12-24 The pricing on the Tokinas are attractive however I dont want a lens that will produce lower quality images and I am a little wary of them. I would appreciate your opinions. Cheers, John
  10. Make sure that the housing's flash button is turned away from the camera flash button when you put it in the housing so that it does not lean against the flash button which could cause the camera flash to pop open and trigger the flash...also make sure that your camera focus light and red eye reduction is turned of. Also make sure that your strobes are behind pointing away from the port. Sorry but i cant think of anything else!!!
  11. On the G11 your widest is 28mm and then due to refraction it will actually be higher than that, so it is quite far away from a fish eye. I used a G11 before and did not feel that I could photograph wide enough. As I had the Canon housing, the only lens I could add on was a the fantasea bigeye lens and I was very disapointed with the clarity of the images, and on top of this there was always flaring in the corners and the only way to get rid of it was to zoom in which defeats the purpose. Secondly you did not mention that you are interested in macro, however the for realy close pictures the macro setting only works when the it is zoomed out all the way, ie 28mm...keeping in mind that with slr cameras people tend to use 50 or 105 mm...meaning that you will capture everything around small subjects. However since you are not going to use it that frequently I am sure you will enjoy the camera but just set your expectations correctly as you are not going to get very wide or fisheye with a G11 in the Canon housing. PS...i will sell you my bigeye lens if you are interested!!
  12. The only thing you need to remember is that there are no propper lens fittings that you can attach to Canon housings. If you spend a little more on other brand housings you will be able to get a system that you can expand over time by adding things such as wide angle or macro lenses.
  13. I agree!!! Something similar happened with me the first time taking my Aquatica D90 into the sea. After successfully testing it in the pool, I opened it up and greased all the o rings,closed it up and took it into the sea the next morning without testing the buttons. Whilst diving I was unable to change the aperture or shutter speed for the duration of the dive which meant that I was just swimming around with a clunk of metal to not disrupt everybody else. I was actually quite nervous that it was going to start flooding. When checking what went wrong afterwards, I had forgotten to latch the saddle down which meant that the camera shifted and was leaning on the ISO button rendering the other buttons useless. Luckily this was just a test dive in murky Qatari waters and lesson learnt before using it in the Philippines …where I left the lens cap on one occasion!!
  14. The camera is still listed on Nikon's website and well and alive!!
  15. Garrethe, DAN is predominantly an insurer for scuba related medical incidents, in my case when we asked their assistance and advice on a such an incident they blatantly ignored us. They are actually quite cheap and that might explain their service. Cheers, John
  16. Have a look on Inon's website, it has a compatibility chart... http://www.inon.jp/products/lens/ucl165m67...patibility.html
  17. Hi Marijana, Martin Edge's underwater photographer was recommended to me by a friend which is very good... I had a G11 underwater prior to getting a new system and changed because it was slow plus the limitations of what you could add on to the OEM housing. If you are planning to use it frequently then look at what you can add on to the housing before making a decision such as wide angle lenses, macro etc. Also be wary of wet mount lenses (such as BigEye) as you wont get the same clarity as dry mount lenses. I my opinion dont bother with the in camera flash, get a strobe. Cheers, John
  18. Andy, I am also new to lightroom but too be completely, honest making changes like the ones above takes a couple minutes. My favourite is black clipping which basically makes all of the black areas blacker and then playing around with the contrast. I tried the Graduated Filter on another pick after the Ansel Adams comments above to see how that works...this would take it over five minutes for sure, but an interesting tool which I will try to master anyway. If I am able to "create" anything worthwhile I will post it here!! Scorpiofish, your method seems quite advanced and I will read up about it!! Alastair, I look at a RAW file as a "negative" and the printed JPEG as my photo. I recall when having photos developed by shops more recently that they did many colour adjustments on their machine and ask my opinion before printing them so I feel a bit less bad about making my pictures better in LR as it is the development stage in LR, btw the steps in LR is pretty much the same steps as in BW development. Cheers for everyones comments, much appreciated!!! .
  19. Have a look on their website, click on Diving Equipment Cover and then on Get a quote...it asks which country you reside in and HK is listed, so I would say yes...
  20. This is a very helpful topic and great learning about so many different dive insurance companies other than DAN which I refuse to use. My partner had a dive related accident which hospitalised her for a week and had to undergo surgery 6 months later. During the course of this nightmare we wrote DAN for advise, assistance and to determine if we could claim for anything...guess what...they did not even bother responding to us. We would have appreciated a courteous no as opposed to silence luckily for us the medical system in Qatar is heavily subsidised by the government and the ordeal did not break the bank. Shop around and dont just go with DAN because they are the most prominent...sales talk is well and good...but proof is in the pudding... We used World Nomads for our last trip which was expensive and did not cover our equipment however as far as medicine goes it is underwritten by BUPA which one of the best Medical Insurers.
  21. Hi Justin, I used to use a G11 with the OEM housing. I got a Fantasea BigEye Lense which I was horribly disappointed with due to the flaring and clarity (pay peanuts get monkeys...). On top of this the G11 Macro function only works when you are zoomed all the way in. So I was basically stuck unable to go either wide or do close enough with the OEM housing. I started shopping around for other G11 housings that could fit other lenses such as FIX, Recsea, Patima etc.. and found that I was going to pay in the vicinity of $2,000 for the new housing and addons. As yourself I was also using a D90 for topside and I decided that for a $2,000 budget I could get a housing and macro port for an slr housing. I added a bit to my budget and to get a 60mm macro lens as well. After shopping around I ended up getting an Aquatica AD90 from Backscatter plus the 60mm marcro lens. I will have to invest again to get the wide angle going but I have my hands full with the new system and very happy with the results, the quality of images and no shutter lag with an SLR. Just a note on Backscatter since you are asking for recommendations; I am very pleased with their response time, advice and service. Even though it was a pricey to get the system, I have no regrets with the decision and would encourage you to take your D90 underwater...I am actually only really getting use out of mine since taking it underwater. I trust that when taking time in setting up the gear, o-rings + dunking it to check for leaks before diving that you should be alright. Hope this helps in your decision!!
  22. I did a BW course in high school and we were taught to do something similar when burning prints by means of putting a piece of cardboard over a certain area of a contact sheet to block the enlarger's beam. We would first correctly expose an area then cover it with cardboard and then overexpose the uncovered area to make it blacker. Of course you move the cardboard around to avoid a distinct line...I suppose the term is graduating! I must say playing around with lightroom is quite cool especially to remove those white spots from a black background, and something I never learnt developing film... Thanks for your all your comments...
  23. Hello, I am fairly new to using RAW and Lightroom and have seen that you can make fairly drastic improvements to images. I would appreciate anyone's comments on wether the changes I have made to this image is deemed acceptable or is it going overboard? I personally feel the edited image looks much nicer however I dont want my images to come across as fake. Thanks, John
  24. I wrap mine in a towel and carry in a shopping basket. It makes it easy to rinse it of on the beach if you dont have anything to dunk it in...unfortunately I cant suggest where to buy a shopping basket!
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