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  1. I guess there is merit in being one camera behind the pros if it is just a hobby...hence I am shopping for a good second hand housing as opposed to paying top dollar for something while it is the next best thing. I totally agree with you, I think I can improve my images better through practise than by using a better camera....I would like TTL inmy setup though...
  2. Why are you using rear curtain on your flash setting?
  3. In my experience you get that milky look when your strobes are pointing directly to the subject, if you angle slightly away to hit the subject with the sides of the strobe light then it should look a bit clearer. You may find in doing that the pics become underexposed, however you still have half your power to dial up....
  4. I think the point is more that you were trying to sell your gear in another poster's (competitor) classified than the fact that you are flogging it for a low price....
  5. Yep clearly the most effective way of finding interested buyers!
  6. Papamac Please get Aquatica and PM me when you want to sell it!
  7. Geez Pete....cant see why you think you hijacked the post....
  8. Can you put some pics up....got the receipts and warranties?
  9. Maybe an easy solution to your problem...but unfortunately only for the shark dive! At Malapascua when you are diving for threshers, you are only diving to see them and chances of macro are slim on Monad Shoal, which is a pretty level from dynamite fishing. You will find the odd critter like sea moths but remember you are not allowed using a strobes on this dive as it scares the sharks away, and at about 28m you are also too deep for natural light, hence most of the shark pics you see from this site are silhouettes... If I were you I would leave the macro on the boat for this dive....but.... .....there are many other dive sites with good WA scenery and Macro....so you still need to find a solution to your problem!! :s
  10. Thanks Liz...I called them and out of Big Norman, Eglobal, DGI....Cameras Direct was the only one that answered...and I recognised the local accent as the guy called me "mate" although I was expecting "brother" from a QLD shop They are not the cheapest but seems like a compromise between best of both worlds...thanks for pointing me in their direction...
  11. Thanks Jack....I will look into it. I did not know that existed....I imagine at the point of reselling a camera the warranty period would be over anyway....they (cameras) dont seem to be the best investments...purely from a money point of view though! BTW I somehow managed to pop my in camera flash yesterday evening...at least I know where to get it fixed after talking to the Melbourne Nikon service center about sensor cleaning earlier the day!
  12. Jim, Called Nikon's service center that is a $100 to get a full frame sensor cleaned....Since the problem goes away after 3,000 shots you could theoretically hold the button down with the high fps speed till it gets to 3000, then drop it off for a clean. 1500 +150 tax + 50 shipping + 100 cleaning = 1,800 Saves $700 which in my opinion is worth the stuffing around... Cheers, John
  13. Thanks Jack, it is incredible what differences there are between HK and here... D600 in Aus is 2,500 Aud D600 in HK is 1,500 Aud plus 10% plus shipping Ok you don't get a manufacturers warranty but i think you would be unlucky to have a defect....
  14. I see what you are saying, I think getting the camera local is a good idea as you can refer warranty issues back however lenses is a different story....
  15. Hello... Has anyone passed through Hong Kong Duty free. Is is a good place to buy SLR cameras and lenses, is it well stocked and would it be cheaper than ordering it online from Hong Kong to Australia Would appreciate your thoughts! Cheers, John
  16. Is this evolution? Cameras out of water and then flying???? Cool clips!
  17. Thanks for the clarification....I thought I had it all figured out!
  18. The red filter replaces lost red, the first colour to be lost in the colour spectrum. After 70 ft other colours are also lost and you would only be replacing red with your filter but not the other lost colours...
  19. John you should get points for those pictures of yourself in different drysuits shared a few days ago....truely offensive and just wrong!
  20. Because you have potential to misbehave!!!
  21. Jack, just out of curiosity...I am assuming you need at least an 6" dome for this lens?
  22. We did a dive at Flinders Pier close to Melbourne yesterday and there were quite a few fishermen out on the pier. I was mainly looking for Weedy Sea Dragons however when I got to the end of the pier, I saw a lure sitting mid water with the current keeping it in position. In the distance I saw a young giant cuttlefish approaching the lure cautiously so I started banging my stick against my strobe arms to scare it off without avail. It was too entranced by the lure and went for it. Whilst I thought of swimming towards it to chase it off, I did not want to get into an argument with the fishermen. Unfortunately it had no chance once it reached out with its tentacle as these lures have about 20 hooks on them. I sat back and waited for the fisherman to reel it in but it did not happen, the cuttlefish was struggling so I surfaced to see why it was not being reeled in. The fisherman was not tending to his rod so I thought bugger it I'm gonna help it...I went back down and used my stick to turn the lure around so the cuttlefish was able to pull itself free, it happened instantly as the lure had no barbs. Luckily we did not meet the fisherman however he would have been clueless about what had happened! I am not against responsible fishing however this cuttlefish would have suffered for a long time. First pic is the cuttle fish trapped and the second after being freed, slight damage to its tentacles is visible on the right side...
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