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  1. With a camera the strobes will mostly wash the red out but in some cases pics will have a redish look. I imagine it is a different kettle of fish with video and i am unsure how you will get any colour other than red without having white light???
  2. I dont know this for sure but I dont think it is possible. The Nauticam viewfinder has a smaller diameter than the Aquatica hole so the the adapter fills the gap, which leads me to believe that the Aquaview will be too large to fit in the Nauticam hole...
  3. I went for a Seaskin in the end...not bad but it is my first suit so i have nothing to compare it to! It cost less than $1000 and custom size so not bad for a first suit...
  4. Would love to help but the vis here at the moment does not help using a WA, I will try to though....why do you want the test on manual focus?
  5. You are doing a great job at showing the Sony is a good camera...I wish there were some D90 shots!
  6. Fair enough, but if you do your next tests then it would be great if you could attempt to expose the pictures best possible and using an lower ISO setting such as 200.. Ie it would be nice to see the best attempt taken with each camera and comparing that. Looking at the previous images there is a difference in the exposure achieved with the same settings. I am not ignorant, if your results can show that one camera will take a better image than another then so be it, however at this point it only shows that in some cases the Sony takes a better picture at a specified setting. As mentioned these tests are very interesting to me as I use a D90 s please bare with me!!
  7. The sensor size is the the only thing that is equivalent between the two setups, everything else is different. How is that a fair comparison? Anyhow Scubysnaps stated in his post that he is "merely pointing out that we have a new fisheye set-up for the DX sized sensor" and granted it appears to be a good setup, but a little more convincing would be be needed to say it is a better setup but then again he did not say that....
  8. It is pretty incredible how much punch a compact camera packs.... Your comparison is interesting to me as I use a D90 and that is why I am asking if you could do the same test but trying to produce the best possible image of the same object with both cameras. If you get a chance it would be cool if you could! Cheers, John
  9. On the smaller camera, the physical measurement of the aperture's diameter will be smaller than on the larger camera and that is why it is biased. Thus my suggestion to try both at their optimum settings to see what is the best they can produce rather than showing how one is able to produce a bad image...that is easy, i produce bad images all the time!!!
  10. I think the camera settings is flawed as f11 on dslr and on a compact is not equivelant due to the difference in lens/camera size. What is the max an min apt on the Sony? Perhaps take the optimum setting on both as apposed to the same settings....
  11. Water colour is amazing....errr....that slider in lightroom as well!!!
  12. Bula Jack! Just a quick note to say thanks for organising this trip. We had a really good time and I think you selected a great dive location, some of the best diving we have done. Also wanted to say thanks for your pointers on WA photography, strobe positioning and sound advice in general, I could see an improvement in my shots towards the end of the trip. We also enjoyed the group's company and hope that we will see some of them in Melbourne one day. Hope we get another chance to dive with you in the future! Few shots.... Thanks again! Cheers, John
  13. Papamac! I think you are over complicating things for yourself, go a step at a time. What are you going to photograph, where are you going and will the water be clear or not? My advice is to get one lens to start with and not complicate matters by trying Macro, WA and CFWA all at once. I am very happy with macro shots from the 60 mm AF-S, if you get close enough the sharpness is great. Likewise the 10-17 is also an awesome lens. Manual focus will work with a 60mm and teleconverter but I dont think you will get a focus ring for that combo... Regarding all the camera settings, I start off using ISO 200, f11 and 1/200 on all dives and will slightly adjust the f-stop for depth of field and adjust the strobes for light. I personally find strobe positioning more of a challenge than camera settings, which differs significantly between macro and wa... You dont have to know/use all of the camera settings to start off. My advice is to get one lens and get comfortable using and diving with the rig before switching to a next lens. Good luck! Cheers, John
  14. Maybe the problem is the first lesson you are taught as a new uwp...."get close and then get closer"
  15. Alex, I have recently seen a number of images of nudibranches on mirrors and whilst it looks amazing it is unnatural so I dont like. This is the first time I see this thread and I am glad you bumped it as it will always be relevant. It is selfish to disturb wildlife for self promotion. It would be good if there was a consensus by the top uwp that this act is frowned upon and therefore discourage people from doing it. Cheers John
  16. I recently started using a the VF you are referring to, my eyesight is alright however the one eye is different than the other and I can tune it to see with either eye. I think it is fair to say that if you can adjust the dial to on your camera to suit your eyes then you should be able to do the same with the VF. The knob on the Nauticam is easy to adjust, moreover the magnification that you get from it helps a great deal to see your subjects better, although you need to practice your aim with the 45 degree. Are you already using a viewfinder or have you been using the one the housing came with, if the latter the you would see a big difference if you got the VF.
  17. You will be able to adjust it to suit you eye sight but what about when you are not looking through the viewfinder??
  18. Sure you have seen this thread.... http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=47946#entry317754
  19. Get something that exceeds your photography skills so that you can grow into it....I dont think many people will tell you what to buy because I suppose it will start a debate but if you want a deal, keep your eyes on the classifieds section. You might be able to pick a camera up that will satisfy your requirements but a bit out of date for its previous user...there are good deals out there, I sometimes wish I did it!! Pick your housing before picking your camera and I would go for Aluminium again if I had to buy now. Get an understanding of the weight of what you want to buy....See what ports you want to use and whether they will fit to the housing you want... RE strobes (Inon or Sea and Sea) The thing I like about Inon is that they use AA batteries and have built in torches....before you decide see if TTL works between your selected camera and the strobe, if you want TTL. In some cases it will work on Fiber Optic and not electronic, so make sure the housing has a FO connection if required. Find a dealer that you like dealing that has patience to share their knowledge and explain the same thing the millionth time!! Get an understanding of how much you want to spend and get ready to spend twice as much on things you never thought you would ever need! Take your time and enjoy shopping for it and try to dive more!!
  20. Take the plunge and upgrade your camera! I am sure if you were to pick one of the new p&s cameras/housings being talked about at the moment, that you would be happy as they sound great...I could highly recommend aquatica housings as the ports I am using now will not be redundant if I decided to upgrade my camera body.... I my opinion a better camera will give you better images. Enjoy doing your research which I think is one of the most exciting parts of getting something new. Also look at Fiber optic vs Electric strobe sync cables, as well as ttl vs manual before selecting your gear...as it is something I did not do and sometimes regret.... Enjoy!
  21. Thanks mate! Thats pretty cool that they have a sticky gland....wish i had one against the current!
  22. Hi! I took this pic under a pier in Melbourne during a night dive and after looking at it again I was curious whether it was a just your normal everyday squid or something else. We regularly see pygmy, dumpling and calamari squid, but this one looks a bit out of shape and attached to a twig. It is about 5cm. Looking forward to some thoughts! Cheers, John
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