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  1. The pics are cool... How large was the grouper next to the wreck? I could not see the clip...not sure if it is my phone or the link....
  2. Give it a try without the sync cables attached to the strobes...ie take your camera out of the housing and expose the sensor that the FO cable fixes to...take a pic pointing your camera flash to the strobe sensors. Run your test again. If you get the same results then you'll know for sure that it is not a cable issue or vice versa....
  3. Sorry i did not want to come across as saying that you should not take medication. Growing up on SA and visiting parks frequently i always took the pills and dont want to come across like I am Rambo! The last type I took was Malanol as we wanted to avoid side effects however both my partner and I had upset stomachs and ot hampered our hols. I will go back to Lariam next time... But above all....dont get bitten which is easy if you take the right precaution!
  4. Dont get bitten! Use bug spray....all malaria pills have some sort of side effect from halucinations to nightmares....some make you drowsy and malanol says it is without side effects but hard on the stomach....i was in zimbabwe and you could see the mozzies hovering around your legs without landing because of bug spray...
  5. I have a better example.... There is a parking lot at Barkly Square Shopping Square in Brunswick which is one of the northern suburbs of Melbourne. There are no speed gates and somewhere in the shopping center is a sign that says that you need to get a free parking ticket from a machine hidden away somewhere, which I did not see or know about. Beside visiting the under construction extension of the shopping center flogging my gear, I also bought a sandwich. I was legitimately using the free shopping center car park, however I did not collect a ticket as I did not know I had to. When I returned to my car I had a fine and I did not understand what had happened as I was under the impression that it was a free car park. I contested the fine but they insisted that I pay....anyhow to make a long story short I am refusing to pay it as it is unfair or as they say in here, un-Australian. There is quite a lot of press about these unfair carparks as most private car parks make you pay at a speed gate or are free, black and white. (see Australian National Car Parks online). I think knowingly using a "fair" car lot without paying or sneaking into an event might be a better analogy. In my opinion both stealing a drill or copying an image is is taking value away from its owner, but that was not the point I was trying to make before....I was merely pointing out that it was a funny coincidence to tell somebody that prevention is better than cure one day to be told the same thing by my boss the next...
  6. Decosnapper, Funny how i was told by my boss this morning that prevention is better than cure after someone forced their way into my pickup's canopy last night....apparently it is common here in aus for pickups to be targeted in hope of finding power tools... I have become relaxed, after having lived in the middle east where you can leave your car running while shopping, and only locked one of the two possible locks which made it possible for them to get levarage and force the door open.... Luckily there was nothing "pawnable" in the back so i am just left with a slightly damaged lock... Strange timing but i will be locking everything up moving forward....
  7. decosnapper It is good to hear that you have been able to claim money back on all occasions other than one and it must be serious business for you if you are getting lawyers involved. I still believe that it is better to safeguard images against being stolen, especially for commercial photographers. I had a look at your website and your images all have substantial watermarks on them so I believe that whilst you dont like watermarking you see it as necessary? I would be interested to understand what portion of picture sales are made by claiming back from infringements. Also, have you been able to settle anything internationally? Cheers, John
  8. The more I read these threads the more I believe the only way to protect an image is with big bold letters. It is too easy for people to search and copy pics. I imagine it would be very time consuming to search for all your photos...then argue to get some compensation which seems to lead to no happy ending in most cases... Prevention is better than cure. People lock up their houses, cars and put their jewelry away in safes.
  9. Just had a look at my charger and the Sanyo website. They have a few different types but pedominantly split between quick and overnight... Quick: DC 1.2V: 4 x AA: 560mA taking 220 mins Overnight: 300mA @ 450 mins http://www.eneloop.info/eneloop-products/chargers.html When i bought them i had no idea but it seems like i have the overnight one. I will test my batterries and see if they are alright with your machine before buying new ones.... Cheers John
  10. Hey Jim Any qualms with the oem Sanyo charger that comes with the batteries (other than only doing 4 at a time)? Cheers John
  11. Sorry...just read your post again MUA=Make Up Artist....sorry new term for me....let me know if you need anyone to carry your gear around for you tomorrow afternoon!!!
  12. House hunting mate....but I would be up for a night dive tonight if you're keen, otherwise tomorrow would be cool??? 0438 006 072 So if the model does not do her own make up....will you?
  13. Looks like a jolly group of people you were diving with!!! I have never dived with whale sharks but this does give a better insight as to how it is done. Do the whale sharks know that they get fed in the area and stick around? Quite funny seeing the big one bumping the little one away!
  14. Great stuff Guy....how about a dive in the real world on Sunday??
  15. That must have been a great experience....I hope to have the opportunity to see something remotely close to that one day!
  16. The -1 and -2 would be your standard deviation setting which does not work on manual setting (I have a G11 and assuming it is similar). Set your camera to shutter priority (TV) and select a shutter speed somewhere around 1/200 to freeze the action. In this setting your standard deviation setting will work. If you want to use manual mode, put the ISO on 100-200, f4-f8 and shutter speed 1/125 - 1/200 and as Diver Dave said review after you have taken a photo and make adjustments as required... If you practice adjusting the settings on the housing before you go diving it will be a bit easier!! Good luck!!
  17. Fiddle around with your settings, possibly bump your shutter speed up to 1/200 and see how it works. The good thing about having over exposed images is that you have enough light....you are just letting too much of it in! Good luck and sure if you practice you will find your optimal settings!
  18. What are your settings, Flash Output Setting, ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed?
  19. I previously saw footage of sharks eating a dead whale while there was a guy standing on the whale...pretty cool doco...as controversial as it looks they are essentially fishermen in the name of conservation" using the right bait.... I dont think you will be seeing many people copying them, you would have to be super keen to hack bits off a decomposing whale...
  20. Greg I dont have a safery fix for my strobes but you could use a stainless steel Gripple and a 1.5mm wire rope I imagine...guess what I sell ! John
  21. Really nice pics....but the beer looks better!
  22. Wow you are lucky that did not happen earlier in your dive! I thought for cave diving you needed full redundency.... There was an old lady in Cape Town that went for a long swim in the bay every morning of her life and never got hasseled by a shark until one day she got chomped.... Pardon me for being so blunt about it but if you reapetedly take the same irresponsible action and nothing ever goes wrong, it clearly eventually will!
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