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  1. That sucks....do you know why it flooded?
  2. Price is the same as on Backscatter...perhaps you are looking at one with a port included???
  3. Yep....if fish were anything like that I think a big portion of photographers will turn spear fishermen!!!
  4. We just moved country and I practically carried all my camera equipment as carry on, the only stuff that went in the hold were batteries, chargers, strobe arm parts and extension rings, things that wont break. Everything in the hold was extra and I would have been able to take photos if my checked luggage got lost. All the carry on gear including a ThinkTank Airport bag weighed 13kgs plus a backpack with lenses, my limit was 8, so before checked in I removed the housing and some other bits to reduce the weight to 8kg's in case they weighed it (they did not) and put them in backpack that my girlfriend took through. After passport control I put everything back in the main bag and was not bothered. I think the key is to look as if you are not overloaded...a couple smaller bags look better than a big fat bag, I must say the ThinkTank is heavy at 5 kg's but it looks compact and protects gear well. I would not put anything fragile in the hold as those bags get chucked around regardless of Fragile stickers...
  5. Love the picture of the zebra crab!!
  6. Jim, Looking at that list there is not much left to eat...I had a Blue Grenadier the other night for the first time and loved it....but it is a "Say No" species....guess I will avoid it now...funny thing is, apparently none (or few) of the better choice species are in the shops... Plenty sheep left, I will concentrate on them!! Cheers, John
  7. All these herbal sleeping aides are horrible in my opinion as they only make you sleepy but dont knock you out and takes a long time to work out of your system, so when you have to get up you still have residual medicine in you and you wont feel rested. Prescription sleeping pills work much better as they knock you out and designed to work out of your system in a given time thus you wake up fresh...too bad I cant get my hands on them!! I've done a few trips across time zones and I think you get used to it after a while. When you get to your destination just force yourself to adjust to the time zone. Go to bed at your normal time and get up at your normal time, just fight the craving to sleep during the day as it is a temporary feeling and will go away... if you cant sleep at night, you obviously did not drink enough!!!
  8. Hey dude! Check this site... 300 pounds, shipping to Aus will probably cost you another 100 and then add a port to it which will cost you another 200 (contact a sea and sea dealer to see what will fit) + shipping + film (I have no idea what it costs)...total about AUD 1000...for the same amount of money you would be able to get a Canon G12 with a Canon housing which will probably give you better results... http://www.sea-sea.com/surplus_store/produ...;products_id=92 Good luck mate!
  9. Seems like a good option...aluminium housing.... http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=44836&hl=
  10. Hey Bob, Had another look at KR and quoting below: "Close Focus 0.53 feet (6.4 inches, 0.163 meters or 163 millimeters) from the image plane (the back of the camera). Working Distance While the close-focus distance is 6.4 inches from the image plane, the lens obviously pokes ahead of the camera. Worse, the front extends as you focus more closely, leaving only 1.3 inches (3.5cm) between the lens and your subject at 1:1! This is why this 40mm lens is a horrible idea for serious macro work — it gets in its own way!" Sounds like a very nice lens for portraits...
  11. Stop hiding the truth!!! it is more like dive-dive-dive-dinner-beer - beer - beer- beer- beer- beer- beer- beer- beer- beer -sleep
  12. To be honest I have not heard of anyone using a 40mm....I tried using my 35mm underwater once and wont do it again, reason being it is not wide or macro. I quickly read up about the 40mm lens as I did not know about it and http://kenrockwell.com/nikon/40mm-f28.htm says that it is superb for everything except macro, stating the reason that you need to be 3.5 cm away for 1:1...which means due to the shorter length of the 40mm lens, the distance between the front of the lens and the port will be greater than with the 60mm and therefore you will basically have to be touch your subject to get this ratio as macro ports are made for 60mm lenses. In general people want more magnification for macro rather than less. The only time I think the lens would be good is if you are taking a picture of a slightly larger object from up close, like a puffer fish and then able to fit the whole object in the frame as opposed to just its face but only by a small margin... I started with a 60mm and have no regrets although I am starting to want more magnification so either a 105 or diopters and I think if you start off with a 40mm you will probably want to buy a new lens sooner!!
  13. After a dive at Blairgowrie pier on the Mornington Peninsula I checked up to see if my camera was dry yet and saw a little jumping spider against the wall. Using my slave sensors I was able to get enough light on it....disheartening thing about this ordeal is that it is better than the pics I took in the water!!!
  14. D90 will also work, about $500 cheaper than the D7000....still not dead and available on Adorama unlike the back ordered D7000!! Dave, newer lenses have a built in motor to focus themselves and thus lower end cameras can only auto focus with these lenses as they do not have a focus motor in the camera...whereas higher end cameras have a motor in the camera to auto focus lenses without a motor such as the tokina derway mentioned and many other lenses...
  15. Happy Australia day!! What a lovely country!!!
  16. If you want a nice lens for a good price ($200), get the 35mm prime lens. Takes good portrait pics and very easy to carry your camera around as it is small and light...
  17. Hi Peter, Thanks I got the new charger in the post and able to dive Australia Day....pending management approval!!!
  18. Have you tried using this outside the housing??? Think you might have issues focusing...
  19. I did Monad 5 times and saw two Threshers...it would seem like one of the issues the more responsible operators had was that not all operators respected the off limits areas denoted by a ropes. The were easily spooked, especially seeing that divers arrive at from 4.30 am, the sharks would just not pitch up. A friend did his instructor's course at Malapascua recently and they also went to the new spot however they approached the cleaning stations from deep side of the wall and peeked over the edge of the plato where the cleaning stations were...apparently they had really good sightings...
  20. Those pics are amazing, you are lucky how close they got to you. I only saw them from a distance and was not allowed to take my camera as I was doing a course, however that does not matter they were too far anyway!!!
  21. I suppose I wont know what has gone wrong as I am mailing the broken one to the dealer in Cairns and he has already mailed me a new one. I would probably also stick my hand up and say that I bought it from a US dealer with a US charger before moving to Aus, so I dont know if the difference in power broke it. Scubapix in Cairns is going to send me an Aussie spec charger. I imagine if it keeps on happening I would get annoyed however I must say it was a joy using it this weekend, the red light is awesome. In addition I think it is pretty unique how quick the issue was resolved.
  22. Cheers Peter...thanks for the chat and quick response, I have sent you an email.
  23. I plugged mine in for the first time this morning...it was charging when I left it and 30 mins later when I checked up on it, the charger was dead....I think the power here in Oz is pretty steady, so the chargers must be a bit iffy...sent Light and Motion an email to see if they can send me a new one as they kindly did to yourself and also asking Backscatter for help....
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