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  1. Very nice!! Who did you dive with in Malapascua?
  2. Hmmm....not too happy to hear that as I am getting measured up for a Northern Diver suit this weekend....I know you get what you pay for but it boils down to price in the end...it is half what a DUI would cost, 30% less than a Santi, Bare is just as costly over here...waiting for the Otter agent to get back... Any particular reasons the ND does not do it for you?
  3. Any opinions on Northern Divers? Neoprene or Bag?
  4. Hello Port Philip Bay... We are here...will join the Get Under Dive Club and hope to meet you soon!
  5. Thanks Panda...we will have to get used to cold water!!!
  6. Hello... Busy packing my bags to move to Australia on Tuesday....whooohooo!!! As you can imagine I am lugging a lot of stuff and would like to save weight where possible. I need to decide which suit I will pack and which I will ship to arrive end Feb. 5 or 7 mm for Jan and Feb??? Would appreciate your help! Cheers, John
  7. http://www.nikon.com/news/2012/0106_flagship_01.htm
  8. That is awesome!!! Would have been cool if he reeled in a duck!!!
  9. Herewith comments from someone who has never been in an underwater cave and probably never will because I am too sh#t scared... thus take it with a pinch of salt as I don't know what is involved. I have seen many cave shots and I am always in awe of them because it looks so desolate and scary plus gives it always gives the perception of being exploratory. Therefore I feel seeing the line in the shots detracts from these attributes as it makes it look more like a beaten track. On the flip side, seeing it like this probably makes it seem a bit tamer to non cave divers like myself to attempt cave diving. Otherwise I like the pics but you will still not find me there!!!
  10. That is really coo!!! I would love to see that in life!
  11. I got a Sola 800 for Christmas, they actually have this fix in their manual now....must be a common problem....
  12. Must be the Dutch blood in me however whilst they are effective I find stix floats pretty expensive for what it is...Therefore I picked up a hand full of these from a tackle shop for next to nothing. They are made from a very hard foam, however I have not had the chance to take one underwater yet. On the off chance has anyone tried it before I get the kitchen dirty??? Anyhow, if it works I will start selling them here branded as AntiBrix floats, and will paint them any colour you like!!!
  13. Mate you must have super bionic eyes because it took me few minutes to see it in the most magnified picture!!!! The trip looked awesome and great pics!!!
  14. No worries...I knew it as I previously discussed fastest shutter speeds using a D90 with a friend when he mentioned that he found it easier to get a black background out of the camera with a D70 as the shutter speed could be set higher. So I tested what the maximum shutter speed was and the outcome looked similar to your picture when higher than 1/200. I would not describe my knowledge as profound yet glad to be able to help in this instance!! Cheers
  15. What shutter speed are you using? It could be the curtain closing at the same time as the strobe firing. I think the max shutter speed you can use with strobes on a D90 is 1/200.
  16. Santa in form of my lovely girlfriend got me.... And since Chirstmas is not only about getting presents....Santa got her Seawing Nova Fins and a D4i... Hope everyone had a great Christmas...what did you get??
  17. If you win a competition and Discovery publishes a your winning picture on their site, stating it has won a prize and credits it to you, would you seriously be offended??? I would not as it is free publicity... Btw, I flog office furniture for a living and every now and then I loan furniture to people on the promise that they will place and order. Many times they dont and I wasted time helping them free of charge hoping to win business, instead of confronting the situation I keep them sweet and most of the time they come back to me for something else or refer me. You have to look the other way sometimes....then there is the adage that people buy people and not products so it pays to not piss future clients off. I agree with Tobias that the aquarium company should not use his image without paying, however all the publications that publicised and crediting his image can only be positive for him. BTW Tobias you have amazing shots on your site and I really like it.
  18. BTW I just had a look at the Discovery Website and it does credit it to your name when you put the cursor over the image...
  19. If I were you, instead of going on a war path with those exposing your picture, I would save all of these places as screen shots and put it in your portfolio to use as references and ask them to credit it to your name....I would be flattered if my picture popped up on Discovery, why not ask them if they will do an article about how you took the picture and post it on the same site, then you develop a relationship with them. When you take another great photo in the future you can approach them as you know them...obviously get the right international copyrights. I take photos as a pure hobby to show my family and friends what is underwater and really don't know anything about selling photos, but I am a salesman and you need to keep these guys sweet and bet on doing more great work which you can sell them. And tell the world you were on Discovery....that is huge!!!
  20. Tobias, Drag and drop a JPEG format image into the search bar of Google Images and it will show you places where the image is used. There were various articles where the images came up and accredited to you however there were a couple with none, most notably a blog called babe fart but also a magazine which did not give you a mention as far i could see...
  21. Alex, The first time I checked was in the office with ample time at hand (joys of serving a notice period). My work computer is better than the one I am using now so I am sure the pixel width was fine...I will check again in the morning... Anyhow at home enjoying a nice glass of box wine now and this is the result... Cheers buddy...
  22. The previous was with Google Chrome, this one is with IE...overlap seems a bit larger with IE... Cheers...
  23. Hi Alex, No expert on websites here, however there is an overlap on Contact and Alex Dawson... Nice pictures!!! Cheers John
  24. Really beautiful...seeing that makes you wonder why bother taking photos of fish!! We arrive in Melbourne on the 11th of Jan and I am going to have to change my view on the meaning of cold water...we did a dive here in Qatar on Saturday and the water was 19 degrees (middle of winter) but I was ok in my 7mm.
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