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  1. Let us see the picture of the sausage!!!
  2. Mark, Not sure if you have any experience with the AD90??? Can the controls also be pulled away in the same manner as I had fun and games trying to get my camera, focus gear and all out after my dive this weekend and if I was able to do a 30 minute ordeal would have taken a minute.. Cheers, John
  3. I am not 100% sure how the D7000 slots work, and assuming slot 1 is used for pictures and 2 for video?? Anyhow I use much smaller cards as I would hate to take 32gb pics and then loosing them due to some reason. Sounds like you were using the larger one when you had the error anyway. Something else to consider is how you maintain your cards, I have heard that it is bad to both cherry pick which photos you delete to save space or deleting pictures from your card with your computer, therefore I do a complete format with the camera every time after offloading my pics. I almost lost a complete holidays photos last Christmas due to a card error and therefore downloading frequently now.
  4. What card did you use? I had a similar problem with my D90 on land when the memory card was almost full, it worked fine after formatting it however I stopped using the card now. I no longer use high GB cards to encourage myself to backup pictures more regularly. Another time I forgot to lock down the camera in the housing causing the camera to shift and leaning on a button (believe the ISO button) rendering most of the functions useless. I suppose you are right, need to check the whole setup before going in the water...including looking through the viewfinder as I've also previously left a lens cap on !!
  5. I remembered an interview article with David Doubilet in Diver Magazine when I saw your post and found it online. Amongst many other cameras he also still uses a D2X... http://www.divernet.com/Diving_Gear/gear_f...d_doubilet.html
  6. Apparently Inon Z 220 has a built in laser pointer option...it seems like there is still a remnant of this on the 240's but not working (or I dont know what the little flip thing is on the strobe face). These guys sell an underwater laser point....think I know what I want for Christmas now!!! http://www.betapointer.com/diver.htm
  7. I saw this article and never knew these existed!! Pretty cool pictures... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-20...les-camera.html
  8. Does it really matter??? I watched it twice today and both times made me wonder what the hell am I doing working in an office...nature is wonderful and I wish I could spend every minute in it...
  9. Apparently when you wave a bottle in front of a lions face it will also attack....look forward to seeing the video...
  10. I second that, their service is great. Everything I've ordered from them has always been competitively priced, made it here correct and ontime, plus they offer good advice and respond to emails. I live in Qatar which is literally on the other side of the world from California and the last order I placed was last Thursday evening and it arrived here 1pm on Sunday (which is a working day here). Hats off to UPS as well though....
  11. Remember you need two different housing ports for wide angle and macro. Why not get something that suits where you live so you get accustomed to your system and diving with all that kit. Also dont rule out macro with a wide angle lens, I have seen some awesome "close focus wide angle" pictures. With a tokina 10-17 you can literally put the camera against the object and it will focus. I am not sure if you have been on Backscatter's website however they have a tool on their homepage where you can put together a system picking your camera, housing and lens and it will then tell what else you need such as extension rings.
  12. Scotty, I started with a 60mm Macro and was really happy with the results. I use a Nikon D90 which is nice but if I had to buy again I would get the D7000 as you can do HD movies and use two memory cards. One of the things I did notice when recently I started using an slr setup was that it is (obviously) heavier to handle underwater and that it felt unbalanced because I only had one strobe which made shooting with one hand difficult. I had to place my strobe above the camera to balance it a little, two strobes would balance out the weight (and light off course). So I got a another strobe and going to gym for stronger arms Another consideration is continuity so you can upgrade later without having to buy everything all over again. Ie, all the Nikon lenses I am buying now will fit on D7000 as well and the ports I am buying for the different lenses will also fit on other Aquatica housings. So if I ever wanted to upgrade it is only a housing and camera body. Enjoy shopping around which is half the fun!! Cheers, John
  13. Will do Stephen, thanks...btw you have awesome pics on your site!
  14. Just bought the Teleconverter so you can strike that one off your list!!
  15. Deny deny deny... Dave I don't know what you are on about, you paid for that Sola Light yourself. So if your wife really wants to be like that and not get you a Christmas present at all then I recommend your return her present and and get the viewfinder yourself!!
  16. Congratulations and also like the pics on your website!
  17. Hi Bill, I am quite new to this, both uw photography and using lightroom. I previously posted a topic asking thoughts on how much editing with lightroom is deemed acceptable. I don’t see myself entering competitions shortly however maybe sometime in the future. Since I am learning about this I would like to start of correctly. The one thing I would like to highlight is that JPEG images out of my camera look better than RAW images before I have processed them, it always seem like the RAW images are duller than JPEG until I have adjusted them in lightroom, so I personally do not see the benefit of RAW in the first place if images should not be edited at all. Therefore I would like to ask you the same question to you, how much editing is acceptable and at what point does spot removal become excessive before you discount a the picture as a cheat or fake? It would be great to have some guidelines to keep within boundaries!! Cheers, John
  18. Paul, Thanks I like the pics, I will definitely try it out when I get the right extension ring. To assist with your DRS, you must have used the same 105 extension as I tried fitting it with the 10-17 extension which is too small and therefore would only seal if I were to use a lot of electrical tape!! Cheers, John
  19. Hi Paul, Nice pic of the Sharks...he looks nice and friendly What spacer did you have to use for the 60mm lens and the 4" dome? Do you perhaps have a few more pics with the same setup (60mm and 4" dome) as I am quite keen to see!! Cheers, John
  20. Mehmet, I was in Cebu about 2 months ago in Malapascua. It was great and my first real underwater photography trip, there were loads of macro opportunities and my first muck diving experience. I had my hands full and there were always interesting subjects to photograph....many different nudis. The island is great although quite rustic, we stayed at a resort called Tepanee which had a nice Italian although it was a bit of a pain walking to and from the dive centre Thresher Shark Divers (TSD). There are many other places to stay though. The other large dive center is Exotic however we found TSD to be more responsive and professional. The thresher shark diving was cool but you cant use a strobe. Beside a manta and the thresher sharks at Monad Shoal, we did not see any large animals and I understood this to be due to dynamite fishing. There is a hammerhead season, believe from now to April. From Cebu it is a 3-4 hour drive to the boat that takes you across to Malapascua, which will only cross during the day. Talking to the Dive Masters, Malapascua is the best place to dive in Cebu and we loved the trip. I can't comment vs. other Phillippines destinations however a friend in our group whom has dived a lot in the Phillippines said that whilst it was cool to see the threshers that he would rather return to Puerta Galera than Malapascua as it was more accessible and offered better variety. Cheers, John
  21. If you have 40 minutes, watch the video on the homepage "Domes without the Drone" by Alex Mustard. I just got the 10-17 and minidome but have not been able to test as I cant dive on doctors orders
  22. Jim, Sounds good....we will have to learn to dive with dry suits for winter. I did 13 degree water in South Africa once, I had a 5mm on and thought I was going to die!!! Anyhow...we will look you up when we get there and looking forward to it!!! Cheers, John
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