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  1. Any Australian based shooters, either serious amateur or pro? May be looking for a bod.... Please DM. Cheers, Mark.
  2. The bubble thing is just my preference. I think it adds to the value of the image in a sense of achievement way if the shot can be achieved without them. This pays tribute then also to the models discipline and the execution plan of the photographer. With the reflections of the model, if lit that way, appearing on the underside of the surface and the general look of the eyes clearly indicate the model as being submerged. Nice images.
  3. Great images but one critique. I think the time taken to mask out the bubbles would have resulted in spectacular imagery. Well done. Mark.
  4. Hi Steve, have never made that trip so can't really say. Might be better to ask in the Dive Destination and Travel segment of the forum. Cheers, Mark.
  5. Hi Steve, will start a relevant thread for that in the surf imaging section when I have news. Some developments on the housing side of things. Cheers, Mark.
  6. Cool stuff, first time I've seen footage from a submerged MP-E 65mm just need to find a manufacturer who can build a telescopic front port and it would offer a greater range of options. Nice to see it used though, cool footage.
  7. Hi Simon, The clips on the paya platform are simply reference files, as with all stock houses. This also explains why the clip lengths may be off in the actual as opposed to the pricing structure descriptions etc. It's simply a reference listing that states "This is the stock, I have it in these lengths etc and can deliver it in all resolutions up to 4k under a plethora of licenses". People want to see manageable, playing clips to get an idea. Even when editing RED One footage very few people will use the actual 4k master or even 1080p proxy for that matter. Depending on their computer set up they will use one of the proxies, including the 720p for speed. EDL build and then out source to a render farm, at least that is how some of the people I've thus far worked with have structured their workflow with this footage. In my limited experience with this the broadcast and production industries one sells stock to work at a very different level than many imagine. This may come as a surprise to many but their end products are pretty well polished. Cheers, Mark.
  8. Hi Simon, If you look at most stock agent sites, Oceanfootage and Mammoth for example you will not find the main archives in 1080p from their 2k and 4k stock. It is still a matter of bandwidth and clients not wanting even watermarked stock at that rez 'out there'. The other limiting factor is platform space. Paya works by feeding through a Vimeo account, as this is a simple trial I am still on a standard account but even with the Pro account the max space one has is 50Gb. Sounds a lot but 50Gb worth of 1080p clips is not a lot of clips, especially when we're talking a base stock currently occupying numerous Terrabytes worth of hard drive space. The feedback I have thus far received from producers and directors from broadcast and production houses also seems favorable. Cheers, Mark.
  9. Urmmm, nope. As this category of the Forum is so titled I'm simply sharing the info and experience of a service that deals with the post production and potential sale of footage. I also mailed you about that merely as a way of enlightening you to a potential option for your footage. Maybe being too social also has it's pitfalls. No worries.
  10. Been playing around with that paya website, seems ok if not a little clunky at the moment. I've been asked by another shooter in the region to manage his archive, well the office bod does that, under the liquidmocean banner, seems quite a fitting name. Anyway, given we're testing the water with a standard vimeo account, the Paya site simply works in tandem with the account on the vimeo platform, means we're limited to uploading just ten clips a day. If the client wants to look at accellerating a little he will have to spring for a Vimeo Pro account but at first glance it all looks relatively straightforward. Food for thought for the active shooters out there: https://www.paya.com/seller/2102 Cheers, Mark.
  11. Hey guys, thanks for the input, appreciated. Steve, we just want somewhere to store some proxy files of masters so that easy to access low rez files can be viewed by stock footage clients. Had a recent bout of hair pulling trying to get clients in Korea access to a show reel of some recent 4K footage from Indo. Have been told about a site: http://www.paya.com who offer such services and take a 20% cut. Haven't checked them out yet but will be doing so this morning. Cheers, Mark.
  12. Looking to create my archives and wondering of there is an online service that offers good archive hosting? Anyone with recommendations? Cheers, Mark.
  13. I seem to remember there was a product created by some of the admins here for Keywording etc. Just wondering of still in circulation and whether or not is OK for video logging? Cheers, Mark.
  14. If you'll throw in the round trip from Bali would love to take you up on the offer! Sadly will be trying to engrave the letter 'H' into my newly arrived Emmy award after waiting so bloody long for it only to see my new job description is now CINEMATOGRAPER! Illiteracy at NATAS too, crazy beans. Best to the family and hope the wee 'uns get better soon. Cheers, Mark.
  15. You may need the green water filter instead! http://reliefweb.int/report/palau/tropical-storm-bopha-26w-update-4 Check to make sure flights are still running.
  16. Here's another one, true Dirtbag! http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=48624 M
  17. Cheers Colin, Appreciated, Hope you're doing well. Mark.
  18. Cheers Adam, appereciated fella. Thanks Alex, we're getting there, hope all is well with you. Haha, right on John, would love to get the nipper in the water asap, housed or other! Cheers, Mark.
  19. Cheers all, much appreciate the kind words. Mark.
  20. Haha yeah Dave, working on that. Cheers. Muchas Gracias David.
  21. Hi all, Just wanted to share with the community the arrival of our son, Joshua Masuo Thorpe was born here in Bali by way of a Water Birth ceremony held at a specialized clinic in the Renon area of Denpasar. Hitting the scalles at 3.2Kg and standing 51cm tall he entered stage right on November 14th 2012 at 18.25pm. I would have posted before but have spent the past four days running around with the paperwork issues during the working hours and covered in a complete selection of projectile launched body fluids during the evenings! Did anyone say sleepless? But fun... Mum and baby doing fine. Hoping to get a video camera in his mitts as soon as possible.... Cheers, Mark.
  22. Phew that's a relief, I'd thought you'd found a way to publicize my driving license endorsements!
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