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  1. Hi, it took some time, but now i made my own zoom gear 12-50 / focus gear 60mm makro, a new cap for the Nauticam port (12-50 + 60mm). Additionaly a snoot, filter holders for fluo-dives and cavemarker. These tools are build on my 3D printer. The tools were tested on my Komodo-trip: http://marine-snapshots.com/galleries/2013%20-%20New%20Photos/Komodo/ So if someone is interested just send me a message :-). cheers, Conny
  2. I have 2x inon D2000 and i use the two tiny hole for my cut off cables. You don't need the plugs or any kind of glue. Just stick them into :-). best wishes, Conny
  3. Hi guys, as promised here are the new pics from Palau and some Drop Art Shots in the Folder 2013 http://marine-snapshots.com/galleries.php Most of the Palau Photos are taken with the Fisheye lens and some with the 12-50. Here a little advice, when you use the Nauticam Port for the 12-50 PLEASE check before the first Dive if the knob that switches from Makro to Zoom is really tight. I had this problem and 2x a little water in the Housing before i find out where the leaking was. The Drop Art shots are taken with the 60 macro. cheers, Conny .
  4. A happy new year to all of you :-). Thx a lot for ure compliments. It was very hard to take these pics. Next stop is Palau in April - so stay tuned...
  5. I used 2x Inon D2000 und 2x Inon S2000. Two of them fixed on my rig and the other handheld or placed at the buttom.
  6. The panoramics are only topside and done with the 9-18 Olympus lens and stitched in Photoshop. The 8mm Panasonic offers a diagonal angle of view of 180 degrees - so perfect for Cenotes to get the big entries in a single shot.
  7. Here are some new photos taken in Mexiko underwater with the 8mm Pana and the 4" dome. I totally agree - a great lens :-) http://marine-snapshots.com/galleries/Mexiko/ cheers, Conny
  8. I had a similar problem 2 year ago with the D2000. The fibre optic cable was broken - so remove it and than look if the flash is still weak. cheers, Conny
  9. Hi Mike, the galleries Bali, Raja Ampat and Germany are shot with the Oly. The other are taken with a Canon G11. On some photos i added a filter -just to have a different look. I used the new 60mm Macro for some Flowershots and i am completely amazed about the fast AF (not much hunting), sharpness and the magnification when you add a diopter :-) Conny
  10. Hi, here are some brand new Photos from Bali and Pulau Pef in Raja Ampat. http://marine-snapsh...2 - New Photos/ Underwater taken with the EM5 in the Nauticam Housing an the Pana 8mm Fisheye or the Pana 14-42 (+ 2 Inon 165 Diopter) and 2 Inon D2000 Strobes. Handling was very good and the housing is a little bit negative, but not that much. I only use the LCD screen and it worked quite good. I hope to get the new Port for the 12-50mm and 60mm Macro soon... Conny
  11. Hi, are there any new informations about the shipping of the 12-50 Port from Nauticam???? I need it in 10 Day - any hope??? LG, Conny
  12. Hi, last weekend i went to the netherland to check the new OMD in the Nauticam Housing. Vis was about 1m - so there is a lot of backscatter on the Pics - but i din't remove it or made any postprocessing (only corp). I only had the 8mm Fisheye with the domeport. The housing worked great even if you wear gloves. AF is very fast und the sharpness even in the corners very good. The whole eqipment is very compact and lite.
  13. and whats about the Nauticam housing??
  14. Does someone know if the new port for 12-50mm has a 67mm thread to attach the macrolenses? When they start to ship the port????? Conny
  15. Hi Jock, the underwater mode is a little bit tricky to find. When you configure your buttons you have the possility to set an underwater mode (it has a little fish symbol). You can use the F1, F2, Rec oder down button - last one i choose. So when you push the new button you can switch from wide angle to tele configuration. It does also do some setting on the WB a.s.o.. The new zoom changes only work when you switch at the lens to the E-Zoom. cheers, Conny
  16. I found out that you must switch to E-Zoom to make it work :-)
  17. I download the new firmware and noting happens wenn i switch to the underwatermode. Not in W/A or Macro mode - no zooming at all. Is there still a little bug??? cheers, Conny
  18. Hi, any news or some reviews about the Nauticam housing?? Can't wait to make photos with this camera underwater :-) cheers, Conny
  19. Hi, i took a picture of a skeleton shrimp w/ babies but it has also stomach w/ unborn babies. So can anybody tell me if i captured the special moment of giving birth???? cheers, Conny
  20. Hi, the snoots look very cool - i will try to build one. So i have one question - how did you get the connection between the flash and the tupperboxes? Did you use screws? cheers, Conny
  21. Anybody of you try the G1x underwater??? Any new informations about the performance in low light (caves/nightdives) ?? cheers, Conny
  22. First i put the fiber in hot water and than wrap it around a stick. Second i put some weight (i used my small bench vice) on both ends and heat it up with the gun - 4 times. When i removed the weight and the stick the cable stays accurately in new position. So you need the heat to bend the plastic cover AND the fiber. When you do without it will break. If it's not hot enought the fiber will expand again. Conny
  23. Thanks a lot Bill - it worked perfect with the heat gun :-). Looks like my original from Inon. Conny
  24. Hi, i need to bend my Fiber optic cable into a spiral (diameter 2cm) - anybody now how to do it without breaking the fiber?? Conny
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