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  1. Thanks for that link Andy. Its a very curious chart because none of the product manuals for the ports or housings nor my experience/understanding of the system support it. Please let us know what Olympus/OM UK has to say. Thanks!
  2. Highlands, I have used both the EP10 and EP13 PEN housings for several years and am familiar with the ports that work with them. Looking at the linked chart for the PT-EP12 I could not find where the PPO-EP02 referenced. As you noted the manual for the PPO-EP02 shows it used with the OM-D housings. Under Specifications on page EN32 it states "Applicable Underwater Case: PT-EP08, PT-EP11". Olympus designed the OM-D housings for port changes. The PEN housings were not designed for port changes but rather one could attach a wide angle conversion lens or close up lens to the standard flat port to expand the capability of a given lens. Hence there are no Olympus branded PEN ports besides the flat ports shipped with the housings. However, being that the port is indeed removable, third party manufactures like ZEN (and now the OEM AOI) have developed ports to accommodate a wider range of lenses. I hope this helps!
  3. The PPO-EP02 is for the larger OMD port and is not PEN compatible. ZEN Underwater makes a few glass dome ports for the PEN housings. One is the WA-100-EP that bill1946 mentioned and works with the 14-42, 9-18 and the 60mm. However with the 60mm you obviously lose some magnification and if shooting small stuff would definitely recommend the flat port. I've seen these come up for sale used at a good price from time to time. They also make PEN ports for the Panasonic 8mm fisheye (DP-100-EP) as well as domes for the Oly fisheye and 7-14. I primarily shoot with the Panasonic 8mm behind the DP-100-EP and the 60mm behind a flat port. AOI also makes some PEN ports however I don't have experience with those.
  4. Nikon P7000 in a Fantasea housing. Started with UW video using Sony camcorders before venturing into still photography.
  5. My experience is that the function button/lever settings are global to the Mysets. Mysets will store Shooting Mode (e.g. P,A,S,M), shutter speed, aperture, ISO, WB, etc in a profile. However button/lever function will remain constant no matter which Myset or normal mode you are in. The exception would be a function available in still mode but not movie mode.
  6. Hello All, I have been taking underwater video and photos for the past several years. Cameras have included a Sony HC-3 in a Light & Motion housing, a Nikon P7000 in a Fantasea housing and currently an E-M5 Mark II in an Olympus housing. Stan Scubaman on YouTube and Instagram. The discussion and input on the forum has been invaluable.
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