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  1. Nikon P7000 in a Fantasea housing. Started with UW video using Sony camcorders before venturing into still photography.
  2. My experience is that the function button/lever settings are global to the Mysets. Mysets will store Shooting Mode (e.g. P,A,S,M), shutter speed, aperture, ISO, WB, etc in a profile. However button/lever function will remain constant no matter which Myset or normal mode you are in. The exception would be a function available in still mode but not movie mode.
  3. Hello All, I have been taking underwater video and photos for the past several years. Cameras have included a Sony HC-3 in a Light & Motion housing, a Nikon P7000 in a Fantasea housing and currently an E-M5 Mark II in an Olympus housing. Stan Scubaman on YouTube and Instagram. The discussion and input on the forum has been invaluable.
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