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  1. I don't really have typical diving. My wife and I do a lot of travelling and do a lot of different dives. I will say that we spend most of our time in the Caribbean. The problem I have with the GoPro is wide angle. I have seen some attachments that will allow for better wide angle underwater, but they are $400 in themselves. I don't mind spending the money, but before doing that, I would like to weigh my other options. My budget for a dedicated video camera without lights and accessories would be about $1500. Thanks
  2. So I usually take still shots underwater but recently my wife has wanted more video. I have a GoPro 9 Black but I don't really like how everything looks. Does anyone have suggestions for a decent dedicated video camera? Thanks in advance!
  3. And the D500 has been ordered. Now I just need a new housing for the D500.
  4. There is definitely a lot of post processing in my photo. I'm hoping a better camera might help it so I don't have to make so many adjustments.
  5. Thanks everyone for the information. I am very excited now to get the D500. I've read a ton of articles and seen a lot of photos from the D500. It looks like an amazing camera and should help me take even better photos. Looks like when I get everything, I will be doing a lot of pool testing first before we take a trip. Thanks again Greg
  6. Wow. That's a lot of good information. I think the decision has been made. I'm going with the D500. I can use my current lenses and the image quality I am seeing with the D500 seems just as good as the D810. Looks like I can get the D500 cheaper also. Going from a D3200 to a D500 should be a HUGE difference for me. Heading to Iceland in a couple months so I need to make sure I have it by then. BTW, if anyone is thinking of going to Guadalupe Island to dive with the Great Whites, DO IT. Most amazing trip I've ever been on. Thanks Greg
  7. I've never considered the D500. What makes the D500 better than the D810 in your opinion?
  8. Hi Everyone. Well I just got back from Great White Shark diving off Guadalupe Island and it was amazing. I took my current setup with me which is a Nikon D3200 in an Ikelite housing. I took a ton of photos and some of them look really good (or so I thought). There were a few divers that had top of the line equipment that cost 10 times what I have and their photos looked unbelievable. I have attached a photo of mine and a photo from one of the other divers. Mine is the 2nd photo. So I am now at the point where I want to upgrade my equipment. I am debating on whether to bite the bullet and get a D810 and new housing, but I would have to buy all my lenses again. The alternative is to get a D7200 and new housing which is the best crop sensor Nikon makes at the moment. If I get the D7200, I already have all of the lenses. So here is my question, is the D810 worth the extra $3000 after I buy all new lenses? I've used the D7200 and D810 topside a couple times, and they are both great cameras. I did some low light tests and that is where the D810 seems to excel. But does is it worth spending $3000 extra? Let me know what you think. I appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks Greg
  9. Hey everyone. I just bought a used DS51 to use with my Nikon with an Ikelite housing. I also have an Intova slave strobe with the set up. This will be the first time I will be using this camera with the DS51 and I was hoping someone could give me some tips on how to use it properly underwater. The housing I have has the adjustment knob on the outside for the TTL and I am guessing I can adjust it as I take photos to get the correct lighting. Should I be using the TTL setting or should I go with manual being that I have a slave strobe also. Any help with how this should be set up and any settings would be great. Usually I would spend many hours researching and figuring this out on my own, but I just received the strobe over the weekend and I am leaving for a dive trip on Thursday. Thanks for all your help. Greg
  10. Hey everyone. I am looking to buy a decent strobe for my D3200 Ikelite housing. If anyone has anything good they are wanting to sell, let me know. Thanks in advance. Greg
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