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  1. Hey all, I am getting ready to invest in some new scuba gear. I was told by some folks that when you do UW photography, you should use the "old" jacket style BCD over one of the rear flotation ones. If this is true, then it is perfectly fine with me. When I did the NAUI refresher course, all they used was the back flotation, and I absolutely hated them. :evil: Maybe they are great while swimming underwater, but I was told that when you are vertical and trying to shoot, they force you forward. I found the "forward face force" to be true when you got back to the surface. After watching the sites of Oceanic and Mares, it seems that the old jacket style is slowly coming back, because it looks like more of these have been added in recent years. Also, I was told that you should not use the integrated weights, rather, use the old style weight belts. Is this true??? Thanks for any feedback!!! Cheers, Mark in Austin
  2. Hello all, My name is Mark and I live in Austin, Texas. I am a dedicated Nikon shooter who loves to shoot wildlife and especially birds. I am waiting for the new Nikon D2X to come out, as well as the Subal ND2 housing (if it indeed works with the D2X). When I get my gear, I am looking forward to moving some of my above ground efforts to underwater photography!!! Cheers, Mark in Austin
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