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  1. Thanks for your expressions of concern everyone, this desalination proposal has been looming over the cuttlefish aggregation for some time. With the Liberals on side, it shows little indication of being rejected, despite the conflicting science of the risk the outfall poses to the adjacent environment. Can you belive this is being proposed WITHIN a proposed Marine Park, and adjacent to multiple known fish nurseries? I'm a documentary filmmaker and have visited the aggregation several times over the years. We have a documentary film and online video series in production focussing on future of this fragile environment, and we've been rallying support for its protection from around the world. We have thus far collected over 2000 signatures from 58 countries in support of the relocation, but we've been recommended that 5000 is the magic number in order to crack national media and draw some much needed heat on the Government for what is likely to be a lamentable decision on their part... with horrendous side effects for fisheries, tourism and the liveability of the area for locals (there are other industrial proposals for the area, queued up behind the desal project, including a deep water port for the export of minerals). Ultimately, what we want is the region rezoned for recreation, conservation and tourism... and rejecting the desal is the important first step. Please help by signing this petition, sharing it with your friends via email, facebook, twitter, blogs... we need to hit 5000 signatures as fast as possible, as Mike Rann (our state premier) will be stepping down on October 20, and he's included this project in his 'unfinished business' file he wants concluded before leaving office. We also have some more resources on our 'Take Action' page on our website, which can be found here. These include bumper stickers and tshirts you can buy, and free posters you can download, print and distribute. Thanks for your solidarity everyone. Dan Monceaux
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