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  1. I found it take some pressure to change the zoom length and it zooms slowly! The quickest way is to use the Fish mode, so from 12 to 50mm, or 50 to 12mm is just a click!
  2. My set up pretty much the same, I used Nauticam Flxitray, and 12-50mm port and zoom gear, I found them heavy underweater...
  3. Only one thing to complain is the Flexitray was too Flexy...
  4. Just back from Malaysia with this set up, I'm very happy with it! set up with Flexitray, 2 X YS-D1, Ulttalight arms and clamps... its too negative buoyancy underwater, adding 2 Stix was a bit better... The 12-50mm port/zoom gear is very complex, but work very well!
  5. Couple question need some help!! Is the Seatool 40D housing can also fit a 50D inside? both camera looks like the same in dimension and buttons! Beside the Dome port from Seatool, is there any other brand dome port can work with this housing along with Tokina 10-17 fisheye? Thank you
  6. I'm waiting for this EM-5 so bad(giving up NEX system), hopefully the housing will be out as soon as possible! I never did shot with any Olympus before, but aim this one for underwater photography, since it has the faster auto focus, hope it work good in low light condition!
  7. Read the EM5 review today, looks pretty good!! anyway, compact is my first concern!
  8. I'm looking into NEX7 and GX1 too, its all depends on which one is easier to change setting underwater, NEX7 seems to be the best for this! I was almost get the V1, but the UI is so trouble to use!
  9. Does it make a different between FF and 1.6 x crop. camera?
  10. How about 2 DS51 for shoot with Sigma 10-17mm or 14mm W/A? the focus is within 15 meters, can it be done?
  11. Because I have this lens in the dry box for long time, I'm thinking may be its a good chance I could use it and no need to buy a new lens!! The 6" dome seems a good deal from Ikelite also!
  12. Is this a good wide angle lens for underwater photo? along with Canon 40D, Ikelite housing. Thanks
  13. Is two DS51 work better then just one DS160? Is this set up more versatile since two DS160 in lots on money...plus need an additional charger!
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