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  1. Well, I assembled the 12-50 zoom gear, and the instructions are clear enough. My issue was more user issues- the screws are very small, and between my bifocals and large fingers it was somewhat challenging to assemble. Fortunately I had the foresight to assemble it over a tray which repeatedly caught the dropped screws.


    Question- after assembling everything and installing it in the housing, do you have to turn the zoom knob on the housing with a fair amount of pressure to change the zoom length (as compared to other zoom gears). Also, it zooms slowly. Not so much a problem, because it will give a fair amount of control with video, but more a check to make sure I shouldn't need to pull out my aforementioned tray and disassemble/reassemble to zoom ring. The Macro/zoom switch on the port works fine.







    I found it take some pressure to change the zoom length and it zooms slowly!

    The quickest way is to use the Fish mode, so from 12 to 50mm, or 50 to 12mm is just a click!

  2. I'm waiting for this EM-5 so bad(giving up NEX system), hopefully the housing will be out as soon as possible!

    I never did shot with any Olympus before, but aim this one for underwater photography, since it has the faster auto focus,

    hope it work good in low light condition! :lol:

  3. I am selling my Hugyfot housing for a Canon 40D, this comes with the hugycheck system, standard eyepiece, TTL circuit board, serviced last October. Upgraded circuit board and base plate fitted in August. No dome ports included. Offers around 950GBP, shipping extra. Picture available on request.


    Do you ship world wide??

  4. a 6'' dome is a bit too small IMO, I would go with their 8" one, you will get better results (and be able to do over/under shots with this dome as well)


    I have the Nikon version and used it intensively befor I got the Tokina 10-17mm and Sigma 10-20mm, there is no way I would have used it behind a 6" dome port if I could have been avoided.


    Does it make a different between FF and 1.6 x crop. camera?

  5. I would say yes, 2 ds 51 work better than 1 ds 161. You can shoot macro and fish portraits with more flexibility in lighting angles with 2 small strobes.


    You can shoot moderate wide angle with 2 small strobes. You may need 2 large strobes to shoot fish eye WA...


    It depends on your gear and experience. You could probably shoot happily for years with 2 ds 51s.

    How about 2 DS51 for shoot with Sigma 10-17mm or 14mm W/A?

    the focus is within 15 meters, can it be done?

  6. Ikelite standard 6" dome port with shade and neoprene cover. (Ikelite part number #5503.50). Mint condition. The dome has NO scratches and is basically like new.



    This port is for lenses less than 4" long; I used it with a Nikon 18-35mm ED 1:3.5-4.5 lens and a Nikon 60mm macro lens.


    From the Ikelite website:

    Ikelite acrylic domes are injection molded specifically for underwater photography, and represent the finest optics in the industry. Domes are recommended for 28mm and wider lenses.

    Zoom lenses that do not focus to 12" (30cm) require a +4 diopter close-up lens (available from camera stores).

    #5503..... Lens less than 3.0" (7.60cm) ... $200

    #5503.50 Lens less than 4.0" (10.1cm) ... $200

    #5503.55 Lens less than 4.5" (11.4cm) ... $200

    #5503.80 Lens less than 5.0" (12.7cm) ... $200

    #5503.85 Lens less than 6.0" (15.2cm) ... $200


    The dome, shade, and cover are in near- mint cosmetic and working condition. The dome has NO scratches and is basically like new.


    Please do your research and make sure that this dome port will work with your Ikelite housing and camera/lens combination. I would like to help answer questions but am not familiar with all the different combinations of housings and ports out there.

    Is this for sell? how much is it then? :D

  7. Well I am looking to sell as a set. however, I am lucky enough to have enquiries separately for the macro port set and the strobes.


    If I successfully get these item sold, I can sell housing/dome and ttl convertor together.


    Will get back to your pm later.


    Meanwhile, have a look of the gears!




    Still available? I'm very near HKG!!

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