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  1. Has anyone any experience with the panasonic 15mm 1.7 underwater? Recommended ports for olympus housings and nauticam? Is there a port that would be usable with the nauticam wwl-1 wetlens? Magnus
  2. Hi Catherine, I might consider selling you mine. What price point are you thinking? Regards Magnus
  3. Hi Richard, Do you still have this port? Regards Magnus
  4. I have been trying to track down the weight of the different ports from Nauticam for m43 and since they themselves don't say anything on their webiste I suggest we act together and collect that information in this thread. So if you have any of the ports put them on a digital scale and report the weight in this thread. Would be even better if we could get both weight in air and under water from all manufactures since this would simplify planning for travel as well as adding float to a rig. Looking forward to see some weights now.
  5. Hi, If you download the port chart for Nauticam m43 there is now a new 140mm fisheye glass dome listed for the panasonic 8mm. Have anyone any more information about this port and knowledge if it might be useful for more lenses? /Magnus
  6. Subal recommends the DP-100 dome port for both the 8mm and 7-14mm panasonic on their website so thats why I´m wondering if anyone has any experience with them. Thought it might be a god alternative to the zen glass ports when used with the Nauticam to Subal port adapter and then one could use the larger sizes for Over/unders as well. I intend to use them with the Nauticam housing for Olympus E-M1. Also looking for a larger port (larger than Nauticams 3.5 and 4.33) for the 8mm panasonic for over/unders and thought maybe the larger subal alternatives could be good options? What is the weight of the zen ports you use? I have not found any mention of the weights anywhere... Any reason you chose the Zen 100mm port instead of the Subal DP-100 port? Are they comparable?
  7. So did anyone properly test out the 9-18mm olympus m43 lens in the nauticam 3.5 and 4.33 ports and got a good result. Diopter plus which extension ring? What is the weight of the Zen 170mm dome port fort Nauticams olympus housing?
  8. Does anyone in here have knowledge about Subals domeports? What is the weight of the DP-100, DP-SWB and DP-FE dome ports and which of them is best suited for the panasonic 8mm fisheye lens. Which port would you suggest with the olympus 9-18mm and is there any optical difference between the DP-100 and DP-SWB when used with the 8mm panasonic or 7-14mm panasonic?
  9. Hi! I´m interested in some of the equipment if you still have it: - 2 Olympus UFL-2 Strobe Flash - 2 Olympus UFL-2 Strobe Diffuser - 2 Sea & Sea F/O Sync Cord L - Optical Ocean 2 strobe arm set, 8"+6"+3" Also interesting is: - Olympus OLVF2 VF-2 Electronic Viewfinder (Black) - Olympus Macro Lens Adapter - Olympus OLPTMC01 PTMC-01 2X Macro Lens Can you mail me at magnusw8@hotmail.com about what you still have and what prices you want for packages and single items. /Magnus
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