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  1. Just an update !!! i found this Tokina 10-17mm f3.5/4.5 DX Type II Nikon Fisheye Zoom Lens
  2. Thanks Tim, after much consideration and advices frm fellow peers, is safer and cheaper to get a fix lens as those you suggested than completely destroying my tokina. Hahah cheers guys and happy new year
  3. Hi guys, Just got into wide angle photography and my setup is as follow D750 Nauticam Housing 8 inch dome 10-17 Tokina Lens Did a few test shot at my Condo's pool and found out that when i zoom to fish eye, i get this squarish effect from the lens hood. instead of this circular photo i took from my fren's fb Jerome Kim. Any experts here have any advice or solution to this? Appreciate any suggestions at all
  4. Hi guys, was wondering if any of you folks used both before and what's the outcome. I've read quite a few reviews on the net but nothing beats a truthful comment. This is to fit into my Olympus housing for omd m5 with zenunderwater 4" dome. Cheers TerryG
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