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  1. Got it solved - you were right on it - The 800 was set to TTL and needed to be set to manual on the forced flash setting. Thanks for responding! Brian
  2. Can anybody help me with this - I have replaced my old D7000 w the new D800 Nikon, just got it into the pool today. the housing is Nauticams NA800 - My sea & sea YS-01s are firing but appear to not be timed correctly . Nothing but dark pictures and am using tried and true settings from my old D7000 rig - Am I missing something in the setup of the 800 as far as syncing the strobes? - I don't remember doing anything special with the D7000 setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Hi all - Just got back from a trip in MX with my Nikon D-7000 rig using a Tokina fisheye and 2 YS01 strobes. My home base for settings was f/8, 125 iso 100. Seemed to be a pretty good place to start. Anyone have any suggestions of another preset I can have ready for my user presets? - like higher iso and faster shutter speeds that have worked for them? I'm in 45' to 60' decent visibility. Heading back in 2 weeks and want to experiment. Thanks
  4. Update for those with an Aquatica AD7000 - Aquatica is selling a rubber ring to block light leaking from cameras flash through housing. Price - $20
  5. Whats the consensus on Zeiss lens wipes? Safe or not safe for plastic dome ports? - I have an Aquatica 8" dome
  6. So I'm not crazy then - You have heard of this before? - with the fiber optic system the flash lid on the D-7000 has to be up obviously to trigger the strobe, correct? - I will work on the foam ring idea. Thanks! Brian
  7. I have recently put together an Aquatica system for my Nikon D-7000 and have experienced flash reflection from inside the housing when the camera body flashes to trigger my Sea & Sea YS-01 strobes. Is there something I'm doing wrong with the setup? - I should also mention that this testing is out of the water. The reflection effect is in the corners of the picture / edge of Dome.
  8. I just went through exactly what you are going through. I ended up with the Aquatica AD-7000 8" dome port for my Tokina 10 -17 aquatica strobe arms 2 Sea & Sea YS-01. Went through Mozaik, both Ron and Tal were helpful in guiding me to the right package.
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