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  • Camera Model & Brand
    Nikon D90
  • Camera Housing
    Ikelite D90
  • Strobe/Lighting Model & Brand
    Ikelite DS-200
  • Accessories
    Nikkor 60mm, 105mm
  1. sold d70 system. i also have a d60 and ikelite housing for it.
  2. Sold the D70, i have now added a D70s and basic 35-80mm AF nikkor lens.
  3. $500 for the camera, port, lens and housing. Socal pickup only.
  4. I have a similar question... I do have a digital strobe. a ikelite DS 50. I also have non digital strobes...the Ai, and SS 200. If i plug in my DS 50 into my ikelite D90 housing, could i then use either(or both) the Ai and or SS200 as slaves. i have both the ikelite orange optical slave and the ikelite black one, which would be the correct slave controller to use..
  5. Diving adventure to Lake Malawi in Africa. 11 days of dives will begin 9/17/2012 and last till 9/30/12, I will be arriving on the 14th and leaving on the 30th. You can arrive earlier and leave later if you wish. We will usually do 2 dives a day. Air refills and tanks are provided, but you will need your own BCD/Regs/wetsuit if you plan to SCUBA. Lodging/food/boat/crew will run about $1800... Flights out of LAX to Lilongwe are running $1600 which is $400-800 less than i have paid the other times i have gone. We are looking for 3-5 more divers in this great freshwater lake with more than 500 colorful species of cichlids!
  6. For sale or trade... Nikon D70 DSLR body only (no lens) with battery and charger, less than 10,000 actuations, very nice shape...$275 Ikelite underwater housing with dome port, less than 5 ocean dives, about 40 freshwater dives. ($1500 new)...$450 $650 for the set obo, trade, barter. Pick up In Lancaster during week, Santa Maria during weekend. Subal, Ikelite, Light & Motion, waterproof, underwater photography, underwater video, ikelite, canon, underwater lens, dive equipment, dive gear, Sea & Sea, Sea and Sea, lens adapter, underwater lens adapter, wet lens, scuba, canon, nikon, olympus. aquatica, scuba, dive, diving, surf
  7. Good deal! so are you saying a D80 will work in a D90 housing?
  8. it looks like in picture 2 there is a slot to put a flat tip screwdriver to pry it apart, but i don't want to brake something. It looks like it may be designed to slide left or right, EXCEPT there are lips on both sides the battery housing would hit, so that is not it. i wish there was a downloadable manual or something. i really like the lights, but i have a ikelite video system that is smaller and weighs less, but i don't have lights for it, so i want to hook these up.
  9. anybody have these lights? i have a single one and i like it. I would like to buy another!
  10. Hello, does anybody know how to remove the battery housings of a sunray light system, from the Light and Motion Stingray housing? Id like to mount them on another type of system, i really like the batteries that they use, and i have plenty from my drills and jigsaws. Its seems like they should come off, but they feel locked in there, i don't want to damage anything.
  11. Im ready to upgrade my D90 system. Im going to stick with ikelite housings and nikon cameras. my question is about the choices... my 4 choices are D7000, D300s, D3s/d4 and D800. Are the DX systems of the D7000 and D300s that much of an upgrade over my D90? If its only a small upgrade, should i just wait till next year when i can afford to purchase the D800 and go FX?
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