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  1. In 2015, I only did some domestic dives in Hong Kong, so this is a dive site in Hong Kong named Sung Kong. diving in hong kong, sung kong by joetsm, on Flickr
  2. Isn't it too late? took at the familiar Crystal Bay of Bali back in 2014. Untitled by joetsm, on Flickr
  3. Dear Jean Thanks for your reply, I have be used to view the camera setting from top of housing for years, nowaday I have to change my preference, whatever, I'm looking foward to collect the new 7D housing from Aquatica. Thanks! Joe
  4. Hi Jean Form your photos, seems the new 7D housing is without window on top showing the camera setting, or it's just only a proto type and will have the setting display window on bulk? Thx! Joe
  5. There's only one dive shop in Niue call Niue Dive, google helps. Diving in Niue, the vis is extremely good, and there's lot of cave fit for recreational diver.
  6. As said by Mr. Tony Wu in his pervious 08 Tonga humpbacks trip review, "humpback whales brings people together.". Yes!! it is..! Also, inspired by Mr. Colin Gans, beside of the hot sopt in Tonga, Niue also a great place to interact with the lovely humpbacks as well. Finally, because of the internet world, I have been in Niue in last mid of Sept., and I got my most precious time from the beginning of my diving. I have to say thanks to both Tony & Colin, they share lot of their experience about the humpbacks on the net, it made me swam with humpbacks already! Thx! So...this is my first time to interact with humpbacks, want share some humpbacks photos from Niue in last Sept male humpback, we heard his song! humpback mother and calf little bit more--> http://www.flickr.com/photos/joetsm/
  7. Thanks for all of yours reply, in my own opinion, diving at East Kalimanta and stay at Derawan is very suitable for those demand diving divers, such as I. They provide unlimited shore dive from 6am to 7pm. The jetty of Derawan is really worth to dive, school of jack visit the jetty while you are being dawn dive every morning. Cheers!!
  8. Hi, already back from Indonesia East Kalimanta and there's a real fantastic place for diving!! Here want to share some photos took with 20D with the Aquatica. Derawan jetty Kakaban jellyfish lake Maratua big fish country Sangalaki manta My Webpage Thanks for watching. comments are welcome!
  9. thanks! i stayed at whitesands resort...
  10. Here's my first try for the Aquatica house with the Canon 20D... actually this time the Maldives trip purpose for my honeymoon holiday... so i got only 4 dives in the whole trip... not much pics took... link of my album: http://www.fotop.net/joetsm/maldives
  11. thanks! it's funny can find the similar nudi at the opposite side of the world, yes, water temperature in H.K. is a lot warmer..
  12. In Hong Kong, vis always bad(<5m)...wide-angle shoot almost seem impossible.. but the marine life in H.K. still are intresting.. used with a wet wide-angle lens, the nudibranche almost stick on the lens used with a wet macro lens (epoque) comments are welcome. my photo albums. http://www.fotop.net/joetsm
  13. here's are some more shot in Hong Kong http://community.webshots.com/user/joetsm
  14. taken by the canon g5 in 10bar housing, epoque wide-angle lens & 2 ys-90auto. want to have comments on photo... :idea: recently have no idea on taking the uw photos...... my webshots link: http://community.webshots.com/album/220981351UFFYuD :roll:
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