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  1. Hello I've got an Ikelite housing for my Canon 6D. Unting now, when I've been using my Canon 8-15 F4L-lense, I've only used it at 15mm. Then I could use the shade for the 8 inch dome, wich are were the locking mechanism to prevent the dome for rotating is mounted. The locking mechanism is a small bracket, that's mounted on one of the set pins for the shade. I just got my zoom-gear to be able to use the lense at 8mm, which is sirkular fisheye. To prevent the shade to be visible, I have to remove the shade from the dome. The problem is: When I remove the shade, it's nothing to prevent the dome from rotating, and eventually fall off. How do you guys handle this problem?
  2. oosantoo: Do you have the "print/liveview" button on your housing?
  3. Sounds like a great setup, but a little bit expencive for a student like me at the moment. And I needs to wait untill I get an answer from the dealer.
  4. I have contacted the dealer, but i don't have much hope that Nimar would fix it. I'm thinking of melting the plastic with a soldering bolt, and then maybe som epoxy after. What's the price for your Ikelite?
  5. Hello I've bought a used, and not much used housing for my Canon 50D. Unfortunately it's leaking! After replacing a lot of buttons, testing with toiletpaper I've finelly found the leak! But it's a small crack in the plastic! Could the housing get repaired? And how could it be done/who does it? -Kim-
  6. Hello, Kim from Norway. Been diving in aprox five years. Just upgraded my underwater gear from Fuji F10 to a canon 50D, but the housing is'nt dry yet.
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