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  1. Hey guys! Got destroyed a couple weeks ago onto a shallow reef and my camera lens decided to break my fall. Needless to say the scratches were too heavy and noticeable for water to fill them in completely. I contacted Sean at SPL and it was going to be a $400 bill to get a new port. At that price I was seriously considering upgrading my in water surf setup to my 5d MKII instead of investing money in an outdated rig (canon 40d)... Until I found Micro Mesh!!!! It's just a sanding and buffing kit made for acrylics and it saved me $400 in exchange for just a couple hours of elbow grease. I buffed the entire port to make sure there wouldn't be any distortion and it worked like a charm. The kit number I got was NC-78-1. I ordered mine from www.micro-surface.com and it arrived in Hawaii within a week. I know I sound like one of those bad commercials on tv for oxyclean but hey, the product works, it saved me $400 bucks and extended the life of my 40d for in water photography (whether that's good or bad is a whole different story). Just thought I would share my experiences with a scratched port and hopefully we can continue this thread with other peoples experiences on fixes. Stay safe in the water! -Kyle www.exposurefish.com
  2. Aloha guys my name is Kyle and I'm getting stoked on surf photography more everyday... Just found this forum the other day and I wanted to share some of my shots I've taken. Winter is approaching along the north shore and I'm excited to share shots/experiences and to learn from others' experiences. Looking forward to meeting people with similar passions. If you want to go through my entire album you can check it out at http://www.exposurefish.smugmug.com My Buddy Joey Sadoy ripping a turn on a small day. 15mm fisheye Small V-land day Joey Sadoy about to pull into one. Surfer pushing through the wave before it closed out. Thanks for letting me share some of my shots. Looking to improve everyday!
  3. Fun shots. The 15mm is an exciting lens to shoot!
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