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  1. Yeah, I've been on the phone with them as well. The conundrum now is picking the right lens. You are dumping a bunch of money for the HD10 but the lenses out there are pretty limited. There is the Lumix 8mm, but that is all auto. The Peleng 8mm is realllly cheap, but it is manual and Equinox says it would be easier with a manual lens.... I agree, given the way the AF operates. I would want total control UW and coupled with the False-Color-Focus-Assist on the AF100, you'd be golden, I'd think, with the Peleng. But I don't know about vignetting? I see it on some images taken with the Peleng. Is the 8mm too wide? If that is an 8mm designed for Micro 4 3, that's a full frame equal to a 16mm. It it's a Full Frame 8mm lens, then it's about a 16mm for a Micro 4 3 camera. Need to get ahold of this lens to test it. Any other word out there on getting the AF rigged up for UW? David
  2. Hello, folks... ANYONE out there used the Equinox HD-10 combined with the AF100 yet? I can't find a darn thing on the web about it. Strange that the Equinox site doesn't include the AF100 in the camera selection pull-down menu for the HD-10, but it's available at B&H? Sounds like someone needs to hire a new webmaster over there? So, if anyone has used this set up, I would absolutely be thrilled to hear from you! Cheers, David
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